When You Think of Brock Gauge, Think Holden Caulfield Character Traits

Brock Gauge is Book III in my upcoming Renegades Series and it’s also the book talked about the least thus far since I’ve been busy editing and perfecting Tarja Titan and Braden Hawk. Today, we’re talking Brock, and here are a few things to know about him – he’s a thirty-year-old grocery store bagger feels alienated by society, feeling as if he’s been given an unfair hand. Brock possesses Holden Caulfield character traits in terms of thought, speech patterns, language, and action.

Though there’s also a lot of George Costanza in this character as well. If you’re in your twenties, you probably know of Costanza – the neurotic, slow-witted, stocky man who couldn’t keep a job to save his life, whose schemes usually consisted of lies that he was often caught in. The only real difference between the two is that Brock still has his hair and a lot of it.

Not a single chapter into the story, Brock loses his job and is virtually an unemployed man who lives with his parents.


Why’s Brock So Resentful?

Well, he has a brother five years his junior who’s a successful traveling nurse with a smoking hot girlfriend Brock usually fantasizes about. His cousin Lenny is seven months hs junior and happens to be the youngest regional manager in a sporting goods chain called Victory.

He has another cousin named Lonnie who’s a graduate student and is dating a girl named Savannah Olsson (Savannah Hunter in early drafts) – Savannah happens to be an All-American Division I soccer player in her first season as a graduate assistant at the University of Pittsburgh.

His dad’s the superintendent of Arbor Industrials and routinely brings in a salary of over $100k a year. Oh, and he often wishes he were Braden Hawk – the main character from Book II.

Brock’s also resentful toward life because rather than take ownership of his actions, he’d rather blame others for his misfortunes. He believes that society chooses who you are, what you’re going to be in life, and where your permanent place is status-wise. In other words, Brock believes there’s secretly a caste system residing in American society and that everyone from stockholders to politicians to corporations is to blame and the people following this are societal sheep.


Wait – This is Urban Fantasy?

This is the third book in The Renegades and the first involving Brock as the central character. This one is probably the hardest to write because yes, there’s going to be a lot of fantasy and magical elements in this work. One challenge is taking Brock’s Holden Caulfield personality – making him a rather difficult character to tell a story in terms of language.

If you’ve ever read The Catcher in the Rye, you can rest assured that Brock Gauge will hold similar speech patterns. Except it’s written with a limited third-person view.

Nonetheless, this is an urban fantasy and it’s one where unlike Tarja Titan and Braden Hawk, the action is a slow, yet progressive build toward a climactic scene, whereas in Tarja Titan and Braden Hawk, action is all over the place, literally starting from page one. In the case of Braden Hawk, the uncertainty and foreshadowing begins at the first line.

You will find very little fantasy elements during the first half of the work but these pick up around halfway through – much like Braden Hawk, where the action is non-fantasy throughout most of the first third of the work – before Brock makes an identical discovery as Tarja and Braden.


History of Brock Gauge

Brock is by far my most interesting of the three main characters as I first started creating a prototype of him back in January 2015 when I was just twenty-three, whereas Tarja popped into my head in January 2018 and Braden Hawk was actually a really fast write when I sat down and wrote his story within a month back in August 2019.

I started writing the initial elements of Brock’s story – then known as Brock Patrick in a series on an old blog called Comeback Kid. This story serves as the basis for a lot of the content you will see in the work. I wrote a 195-page manuscript – the first manuscript I ever completed served Brock in the leading role. It was a mansucript I never shared with anyone because most authors should know the initial manuscript that you complete is outright garbage, as this work was.

But, I knew there was a lot of potential with Brock’s resentful personality. Of course, as I learned the writing craft between 2015 and 2018, I would go back to this story often, making adjustments along the way and perfecting Brock’s flaws while continually fleshing out other main and supporting characters in the work.

Finally, I felt I had a story that would suit readers and at the same time a vivid dream motivated me to write the first drafts of Tarja Titan during a snowstorm in January of 2018. As for Braden Hawk – the motivation behind that one is going to stay a secret for a while – we’ll just say that a lot of characters in it have real-life counterparts.


It Started with Brock

It all began with Brock Gauge over five years prior to me writing this post, giving the reader a bit of a background on the character I’ve been talking about the least, but is arguably the most interesting character in the entire Renegades Series and it would be nothing without Gauge.

Tarja and Braden have become outcasts due to their choices, yet Brock was basically given the role of outcast by others – which given his powerful memory and fixed personality, has severely limited him in life – and made him who he has become in the opening chapters of Brock Gauge.

Sometimes it really is other people who impact your life so much that you automatically adopt a loser’s mentality, and Brock’s past has not been his friend as he passionately tried to become what his potential could be, yet fell short every time due to the mental conditioning that he wasn’t meant to amount to anything in life.

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