What’s Planned for 2020 and Beyond?

I hope today’s post finds you well and I want to go over just a little of what I have planned for 2020 which I believe will be our biggest year yet here at Lord of Columbia! First off, as I mentioned in an earlier post I’ll be releasing my next novel, Raven’s Flock, on Leap Day 2020 (February 29th) and for those of you on my mailing list, you will receive a free bonus e-book called Taking Back Saturday upon the release!

It’s just a perk for joining my subscription list, and you’ll also be the first to know of all the cool deals I have cooked up for the series as well. To subscribe, click here.

As my subscription base knows, Raven’s Flock was by far and away my toughest work, so to finally be in the final edit process is a blessing more than anything else. Just a couple teeny adjustments (if that) and I think we have a winning work to release to the world!

I’m also hoping to release Book V in the series as well in late 2020 (Christmas Day, perhaps?) so one year from today I hope I can give my awesome fans yet another work to look forward to by year’s end, but we’ll see how the year plays out as I have a huge itinerary already lined up for 2020 in a few different niches – one of which involves a possible move to Northeast Ohio that I’m beyond psyched about.

But if all goes according to plan, I will have Book V available by the end of the year and as always, a free bonus e-book for anyone who is on my mailing list – which for what I have cooked up here, I believe you will love it! Plus I might have some breathtaking images to share from Bay Village, Ohio – the key to the North Coast.

That’s it for now and as always, thank you so much for your continued support of both my work and the work of all indie authors.

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