What’s Coming Up in 2020?

The First Trilogy from Lord of Columbia can be found on Amazon and all the major retailers, but we also have a new addition to the series set to launch in early-2020 entitled ‘Raven’s Flock.’

To date, Raven’s Flock has been by far the toughest book to write, behind Northern Knights which previously held the number one spot. One reason is that this is the first novel of the second Lord of Columbia Trilogy (there will be four total) and I’m beyond ecstatic to finally work toward the finishing touches to this book as I advance toward the launch date.

What made the work such a challenge?

First off, Raven’s Flock serves as a bridge between Trilogy I and Trilogy II, so getting all the historical data plus gap-filling correct was something that took time and energy, carefully ensuring everything in the time elapsed between Missing in Columbia and Raven’s Flock held water.

Second, there are some huge twists and turns regarding certain characters. This includes the original cast members from Trilogy I and our newest main characters. Also, Raven’s Flock is going to be that book – many readers know what I’m talking about when I say that book.

Yes, it’s the book intended to turn the series on its head. Everything you thought you knew from Trilogy I will be challenged, and there is going to be a lot of new loose ends as this book kicks off Trilogy II.

In other words, expect the unexpected and don’t assume you have everything down here – chances are I’m just getting warmed up with my readership!

Look for the release date to be announced in December 2019, but my range is anywhere between February and April 2020.

If you want to have a nice little read, plus a surprise offer after it, you can download the 500-year prequel to Lord of Columbia entitled ‘The Skyehawk Chronicles.’ It depicts a lot of awesome characters mentioned time and again during the First Trilogy in Lord of Columbia and will also become part of my ‘Expanded Universe,’ which will be available for free to all readers who download The Skyehawk Chronicles straight from this website.

And if you download The Skyehawk Chronicles, you’ll also be added to my readers’ group, a group of superfans who I’ll email twice a month regarding new books from me, other authors whose work is similar to mine, special discounts, incentives, and soon, a really lucrative offer that I think you’ll appreciate.

But that’s enough for now. Until then, happy reading!

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