Want Four Action-Packed Books? You’ve Found Them

Four action-packed books make up my Lord of Columbia Series, and the good news is the action is just beginning – especially when I unleash Book V PLUS the first three books of The Renegades Universe in late-2020 or early-2021.

Wait? Did I say four?


Make that five books if you count the 500-year prequel to Lord of Columbia entitled The Skyehawk Chronicles. So, that’s five books, all of which depict action from start to finish.

Want more fun?

You can even download Northern Knights for free at your favorite bookstore. Just click here, take a look at the description, and see if it’s the right work for you at zero cost.

You can also download a free copy of The Skyehawk Chronicles, which I’ll send straight to your mailbox via email. Click here to download.

These two works will give you a nice, head start on Lord of Columbia – where you can read The Skyehawk Chronicles in any order as it’s a prequel to the series, itself.

Now, I’m sure you want to know more about what makes these urban and military fantasy novels so full of action.

Keep reading.

Intense Violence

I’m going to be upfront with this one. If graphic scenes offend you, click away, because there’s a lot of killing involved. These books are sort of like video games depicting war. Violence is everywhere as conflict begins, especially that inciting incident – there’s a spoiler for you!

Now don’t get me wrong – there’s a compelling plot here in Northern Knights and the book’s sequels, but these people are at war and not only are we dealing with characters possessing complex magical abilities; it’s also set in the modern world. Or a carbon copy of our modern world, called Gaia.

And again, if violence isn’t your thing, you won’t like it. One reason I included such scenes early on is that I wanted to let the reader know this is a rather dark, serious work and after reading many books depicting war, I wasn’t about to sugar-coat anything, even if Lord of Columbia is entirely fictional.

Action and Adventure

You aren’t going to see the characters reside in one place. As a revolution begins, our main character, Cain Riscattare, becomes a criminal to the global empire known as Southpoint – hence the phrase ‘the world’s most powerful empire wants him dead.’

Cain becomes a criminal and public enemy number one in the oppressed South Columbian Colonies. The arrogant college athlete – and Cain is one arrogant SOB – think of him as the Attitude Era’s version of Stone Cold Steve Austin (Happy 3:16 Day) meets Dom Toretto of Fast and Furious – picks a fight with imperial soldiers.

Bound to happen and it’s rather predictable, so I’m cool with giving away that much on the story.

But how does Cain have to get out of this mess?

Well, there’s a free Libertarian society called North Columbia, a sliver of Columbia that hasn’t been overrun by the bad guys. But of course, what do you think’s going to happen when Cain and the others dissent?

General Adam Syndari, the Supreme Leader of South Columbia, employed by the Southpoint Crown, knows what he’s doing. He’s going after this modern-day, urban fantasy version of Robin Hood.

Again, plenty of action and adventure, plus a lot of attitude from Cain, who again is an athlete who will, if you follow the NFL in any capacity, has the on-field personality of Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. The kid’s a tool. A likable tool, but a tool.

Intense Rivalry

Cain’s rivalry with Scotty Volt might remind you a bit of Harry Potter’s rivalry with Draco Malfoy – except there’s one huge difference: Scotty Volt isn’t afraid to kill anyone. Hell, Scotty Volt enjoys making lives miserable and living on his father’s fortune as one of the politically reliable among the South Columbians.

This kid, and his friends Robby Patterson, Patrick O’Day, and Avi Magnu, is ruthless. Also an athlete, Volt shares his rivalry with Cain because while they’re alike, they’re also different.

Cain cares for his friends and gives a voice to the voiceless. Arrogant as hell? Of course. But there’s proof Cain Riscattare does have a heart.

The same can’t be said for Volt. There’s proof that Volt could be Syndari’s successor, and the kid’s hanging out in North Columbia with his inner-circle?

Again, this isn’t child’s play with Harry and Draco. Cain and Volt have been rivals since their high school days and their rivalry continues in college. These two don’t like one another, and upon reading Northern Knights, it’ll go without saying. And while I’ve often compared Cain’s personality to that of James Potter, Scotty Volt is no Severus Snape. Scotty Volt is the male version of Bellatrix Lestrange.

A psychopath whose murderous ways continue in the sequel, Swords of Destiny.

Warning! Sensitive Content

A few more spoilers, if you can call them that. Again, there’s violence but there’s also language, sexual references (no erotica), and some very, very controversial slurs (that do NOT come from my protagonists). Again, it’s filled with action but it’s for mature readers and audiences only.

This work isn’t family-friendly, it’s not something you read to your kid as a bedtime story – though The Skyehawk Chronicles are okay except for the final chapter in Part IV. Far less violent, mild language if that, and more teen/young adult-oriented.

But I will warn you: Lord of Columbia contains VERY sensitive content and I don’t hold back. Again, I’m not sugarcoating anything. Instead, I want this thing to be as realistic as possible when it comes to the battle scenes, fight scenes, and skirmishes. Anything that CAN happen WILL happen, so keep that in mind when you read this book.

I love telling readers why they should give my work a chance, but I also assure readers that this may not be the work for them if language, violence, and content that would make a sensitivity reader cringe is present, and this is one of those books. If you’re sensitive to this kind of stuff, don’t read.

But if this IS your thing – then go ahead and give my work a shot and see what you think.

Download Northern Knights now.


  1. Rhain says:


    This already sounds so exciting, I can only imagine how the actual books would be. I’m a big fan of war stories and the idea that this series even remotely resembles the tale of Robinhood makes it even more interesting and compelling to read. I like the fact the fact that you’re upfront about the various depictions of sensitive content because while it doesn’t bother me, I’m sure it’ll make a fair number of folks uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Todd Matthews says:

      Hi, Rhain, being upfront about the content is definitely the best way to go. Back when I first started, I tried to sugarcoat it, but after seeing many successful authors place disclaimers and sensitive content warnings in their Amazon book descriptions, I definitely followed suit. It will make a certain number of people uncomfortable, that’s a given. 

  2. primoz pticak says:

    Hi! I just read ypir post, and to be honest I am looking for some new interesting reading, and Lord of Columbia seems the perfect pick as you caught my attention. On first sight it seems that these books are quite massive and the best option I presume is to start with prequel? Am I right?


    Primoz P.

    1. Todd Matthews says:

      They each range between 63,000 and 78,000 words. Starting with The Skyehawk Chronicles prequel isn’t necessary – Northern Knights is where you want to start – but I would probably end up reading Skyehawk just to gain insight. 

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