Two Rivalries and Two Possible Book Deals

Two Games Means (Possibly) Two Awesome Deals

While I’m not the gambling type, I do have a penchant for gambling with my subscribers who both want awesome book deals and book deals I’m willing to make – given particular circumstances.

So what’s the deal this time around?

Two, count them, two deals – two major deals coming up – if certain teams win this Holiday Weekend.

Up first, we have The Game, the namesake of Chapter Fourteen in Northern Knights – The Game.

What is The Game?

The biggest, or arguably the biggest, rivalry in all college football – Ohio State versus Xichigan. Of course, the latter school is known by a different first consonant, but we’ll just refer to them as such for the content of this article.

The deal?

If Ohio State beats its biggest rival, I’ll throw in a special deal. A really special deal that involves the giving away of a free e-book upon the release of Book IV in Lord of Columbia: Raven’s Flock.

Now, for our second game this weekend we’re pitting the Cleveland Browns versus the Pittsburgh Steelers – in enemy territory at Heinz Field.

If Cleveland wins, I’ll throw in a MASSIVE DEAL to every single email subscriber I have on my list – a huge deal. Like, one you won’t want to miss.

Because if the Browns win, I’m celebrating the team’s first sweep of its division rival since 1988 – and I was born three years later.

Sure, it’s a time to celebrate the Holidays, but for those of us in Ohio, it’s also a potential time to celebrate a lot, and I mean a lot, of sporting success.

Go Browns, Go Buckeyes, and Long Live Ohio!

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