Time for Another Character Synopsis! Who’s Who in Raven’s Flock?

Aiight! Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system – the first word to the song ‘Different World’ by Iron Maiden – I love that opening. Anyway, today I’m talking about Raven’s Flock since it’s something like a couple fortnights away from its big launch – or probably not so big of a launch since it’s only Book IV in the Lord of Columbia Series and my subscriber list is relatively small – roughly 570 at the time of this post but you can help grow it by clicking here to join where you will receive awesome deals from myself and other authors I joint-promote with.

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If you HAVE read Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Missing in Columbia and would like to know a little more about Raven’s Flock, this article is for you because I’m talking about the main characters today.

Yes, the main characters I’m introducing in Book IV, so you will see some spoiler alerts – ah, kind of, sort of, but nothing really in particular.

So, if you’re ready for some tiny profiling of each main character in Raven’s Flock, get ready for action and as a side note: Any returning main character from the First Trilogy won’t be mentioned in this article – only new characters are spoken of here.

Raven Spade

There’s something mysterious about this seventeen-year-old girl who’s admitted into a psych ward in her introductory chapter. It’s shown early that Raven possesses water control ability and can see and communicate with spirits. But there’s also a greater mystery surrounding this girl – perhaps even a couple.

Modell Baltimore

Modell is the King and primary antagonist in Raven’s Flock. The few-times removed great-grandson of a conspiratorial usurper and war propagandist named Woodrow Baltimore, Modell rules the land with an iron fist, claiming his policies are in the best interests for the safety and security of his people. However, with Gaia threatening World War, Modell may be running out of excuses.

Daya Gauge

Daya is Aztecan and descended from the Madridians, Arkaans, and Native Aztecans, though her last name has been translated into Southlandish (basically English) and her native language is Aztecan (think Spanish in the real world). Despite this, she can speak and understand Southlandish well and is often Raven’s voice of reason. She’s a realistic, down to earth, yet sassy teenage girl whom Raven meets in the psych ward due to possessing mind-travel ability – the ability to see and hear thoughts.

Lucian Sokol

Lucian is one of the leaders of Old Columbia. An alpha-male whom everyone wishes to be around, Lucian wasn’t born in hiding as most of his friends. Instead, he and his family had to flee society when soldiers and police raided their town in an attempt to purge those with ability. Lucian is an expert Philosophic, particularly in the smoke and Spirit elements – his Spirit ability is so strong he can sense vibes hundreds of miles away, making him arguably the strongest Spirit-bender in the series.

Enzi Loistava

Enzi is second in command of Old Columbia and Lucian’s right-arm. He’s 23, a few years older than his best friend Sparto and a few younger than his other friend, Hearst. Enzi is an exceptional wind and earthbender and is even somewhat accomplished in the water and Spirit elements. Also an alpha, Enzi is followed and trusted by everyone in Old Columbia, with some even holding him in higher regard than they do Lucian.

Sparto Keskiverto

Sparto is a mild-mannered every man with nominal ability in the Stoicheion elements. He’s 18 and has yet to develop to Enzi’s and Lucian’s potential. Despite this, his calm, collected demeanor allows him to keep his head in the face of danger. Sparto knows his limitations and uses his mind to manipulate, outsmart, and defeat opponents. While he’s very average ability-wise, he’s well-respected in the group.

Hearst Tarkoittaa

Hearst is a 33-year-old chain-smoking fire-master whose hotheadedness matches his ability to control fire. While everyone tends to look to Enzi and Lucian, Hearst is far less trustworthy of the leaders, instead favoring his own intuition above others. Constantly complaining about the smallest tasks while displaying deviance and self-righteousness, Hearst is tough to deal with and it remains to be seen if his sole loyalty is to himself above the collective interest of the entire gang.

Salvadora Araldo

Salvadora is a nurse who works in the psych ward. She’s a Stoicheion who has lived in secret among society, mastering control of her powers and keeping them hidden away. She meets Raven early and fills her in on the story of Old Columbia.

And that’s a wrap on the book’s main characters. Raven’s Flock will be available on Amazon, Nook, and Apple come February 29th, 2020. If you want to get the hottest deal available, again, click here to join my subscription list where you’ll receive:

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