THREE Awesome Urban and Epic Fantasy Books Similar to Lord of Columbia

I often talk about my own books, the influences, genres, and themes behind them. But, there are a lot of authors I’ve been speaking with over the past month who I’ve cross-promoted my work with. These authors are writing in a genre similar to mine, either urban or epic fantasy books, and the plot elements are also somewhat similar to Lord of Columbia as well.

They’re either indie authors as I am or authors who publish from their own or another small, independent press, so you’re getting much more than what mainstream publishers continue to churn. It’s yet another reason why I made the decision in 2018 to roll indie rather than seek a publisher or agent, only to have them dissect my work to where it fits their narratives.

And there are zero guarantees the work sells, even via traditional publishing. So, with that in mind, I sought some of these awesome indie authors, and today, I’m sharing their work with you.

Every book listed here is either priced at $3.99 or less and by clicking the buy link toward the bottom you’ll get transported to Amazon where you can then download a digital copy or pick up a physical one.

Ready for an odyssey?

Let’s begin!

The Healing Glass by Maria Herring

Let me tell you right now that if you want one of the best indie epic fantasy books on the market today, Maria Herring’s work fixes this fix.

It’s the total package in the indie community and there are different intelligent creatures like elves scattered about the book, compelling and different POV characters. Oh, and about that last one – you know when the change in POV is coming because she will leave you high and dry with a cliffhanger.

This is a long book, so there’s a definite time commitment involved with its 520 pages and it’s easily over the 100,000-wordmark. But it’s well-written, contains a seemingly simple but increasingly complex plot element, and when you think something runs smoothly for the characters, she injects not just tension, but sheer tragedy into the work.

I haven’t read anything like this in an age and it’s only Book I of what’s going to be a fantastic series. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Here’s the Skinny

Madness killed her mother. Now a plague is killing her father.

But no one believes that this snubbed academic has found a way to stop this plague. A plague so virulent it’s eating through the entire city.

Audra Academician lost the respect of her peers thanks to her radical theories. They call her mad. She hates that. And it means that no one believes her anymore.

The evidence to cure the plague is an ancient journal written by a Mage – a race of people that have been extinct now for hundreds of years. Only Audra can decode the archaic language. And the cure is an ancient magical artefact, the Healing Glass, hidden in a lost corner of the land. She has to convince her peers she’s right, or the Glass will stay lost and everyone in the city will die.

But when nightmarish visions start to haunt her, she fears that the same madness that claimed her mother is now coming for her.

Now, not only the lives of the citizens consume her thoughts. She has to get the Healing Glass before her mother’s madness kills her too.

==> Click to Download The Healing Glass <==

Nightfall by J. J Coffelt

Coffelt is an exciting new author I befriended on Facebook about two weeks ago. The second I saw the cover and the phrase sci-fi/fantasy dystopian novel, along with the cover, I had to look deeper inside this thing. J. J was also friendly enough to send me over an ARC, so I’ll definitely have my (5-star) review posted when his book launches on May 4th.

Hmm, dystopian novel launched on May 4th. You’ve already seen Star Wars, so immerse yourself in Jake’s work, please!

Here’s the Skinny

Death comes for those caught outside during Nightfall.

Myths and legends spread throughout the lands, spread by old tech shamans and scrap hoarding clan leaders. One takes advantage of humanity’s fall and claims godhood. Using advanced technology, Lord Horus and his minions wield power that is indistinguishable from magic to the simple tribes that inhabit the underworld.

Fighting for power amongst the tribes, one clan uncovers ancient technology that awakens a security AI. Working with this artificial entity, Jericho and his clan plot to overthrow Horus and his Temple. Embarking on an epic journey across a cyberpunk world, they learn many secrets, including some better left undiscovered.

==> Purchase Nightfall <==

Slayer’s Heart by Marcelle Cooper

After I complete Coffelt’s work, this one is the next on my list and it looks promising. If you love supernatural elements and protagonists that are very Cain Riscattare-like, this is definitely a work for you. It involves a strong, character-driven arc that takes our main character on a journey to truly find himself.

Here’s the Skinny

Since childhood, Sufoh has centered his life around Slayer’s Heart, a technique that renders him an emotionless, merciless killer who fears nothing.

His reputation is a badge of honor among the race of thieves from which he hails. But when Sufoh releases six legendary demons that threaten to plunge the world into chaos, he must leave his people to undo what he has done.

As he ventures into a world that hates and fears him, Sufoh is forced to confront not only the evil he has unleashed, but the evil within himself, and learn what it truly means to be human.

==> Purchase Slayer’s Heart <==

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Raven's Flock: A Return to Columbia

Okay, so as of today Raven’s Flock and the First Trilogy Box Set is still on sale for 99 cents apiece. This is a sale I started when the States of Ohio and West Virginia shut down the gyms and I promised not to relent on this deep discount until the gyms opened back up.

Well, in West Virginia, we’re just two weeks away barring anything unforeseen while Ohio is preparing to reopen in the middle of May.

What I’m basically saying is that you might want to get your hands on four urban fantasy books for just $1.98 before this offer is no longer valid, which will be the case until at least December.

So, if you decide to remain indoors as state economies reopen, you can definitely pass the time by getting my work plus the three listed in this article as well.

And hurry, these prices are ALL subject to change.

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  1. Darren says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post with some expressive reviews of each book. 

    I was captivated in suspense while reading about The Healing Glass by Maria Herring! It may be a long read at 520 pages but I feel that this will fly past if your review is anything to go by! 

    Nightfall also grabbed my attention, however, The Healing Glass is the book I hope to read in the near future thanks to your review.

    1. Todd Matthews says:

      Oh, it’s lengthy but yeah, you’ll be reading the work and fail to realize just how many pages you’ve read. That’s the sign of a great novel. 

  2. Lucie says:

    Thanks for recommending these works! I’m feeling especially intrigued by The Healing Glass. The topic is quite relevant to what’s happening right now… There seems to be a lot of suspense in the story. The threat of Audra’s own approaching madness reminds me of the crazy tension in one of the spookiest ‘daylight horrors’ ever, The Solstice (2019) when on of the main characters couldn’t discern between plant-induced hallucinations and her possible hereditary schizophrenia. I also like to think of the ancient race, Mage, as the legendary Anunnaki who supposedly landed in ancient Sumeria about 445,000 years ago. Have you read or heard of Zecharia Sitchin’s ’12th Planet’, and his interpretation of the biblical Nefilim? I wonder whether Maria Herring drew inspiration from a similar material. And the Healing Glass could be hidden in the long lost Ark of the Covenant. One’s imagination doesn’t know limits after reading book like this. I’m glad I’ve learned about yet more from your post!

    1. Todd Matthews says:

      Hi, Lucie. I can tell you from experience The Healing Glass is an epic read. There’s a lot of awesome mythology in the work as well but I never thought so deep into it. Now I’ll be at my laptop all night! 

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