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Below is an article I wrote about thirteen months ago, depicting what was going to be a perma free novelette series called ‘The Neo Skyehawk Series.’ Back in August 2019, I decided to take these novelettes and turn the works into a story-in-cycle entitled ‘The Skyehawk Chronicles.’

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Anyway, if you want a nice, little extended background on the work itself, check out the article below.

Note: Previously published article on my former blog, so some of what you’ll read is a little outdated. However, it does give you a decent idea on The Skyehawk Chronicles’ plot.  

Do you love world history? Yes, no, maybe so, right? Well, do you love world history regarding fictional worlds and fictional historical characters set in a land where magic exists?

Okay, I got your attention, because along with my premier Lord of Columbia Series where you can buy my first Lord of Columbia Trilogy there’s also a nice little freebie series I have over on Prolific Works called the Neo Skyehawk Series.

The Neo Skyehawk Series discusses historical characters that are mentioned in the Lord of Columbia Series in passing but play a relevant role to the world history of Gaia, the setting of both Lord of Columbia and Neo Skyehawk.

The Series follows two main characters, Neo Skyehawk and his best friend, Seneca LaSalle.

They’re two individuals who value freedom and liberty while growing up in different backgrounds.

For more information, take a look at the plot summaries below.


Episode 0, The Eurean Kingdom

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This novelette is the prequel to the Neo Skyehawk Series and documents the meeting between Prince Neo Skyehawk and a peasant girl from the oppressive land of Tamuria, Seneca LaSalle.

Neo is being forced into a marriage he does not want to the daughter of Tamurian King Ruslan Romanoff, Princess Kia. Kia is a spoiled girl who thinks of all commoners as existing to do the bidding for her and Tamuria. They’re fodder to her.

Neo, despite his noble upbringing, wants nothing more than to live like the common people and spread the sport he invented, shotball, across the known world. Becoming King is not on Neo’s agenda and when he runs into Seneca in a chance encounter, the two run away from their dreary lives.

However, Seneca is skeptical of Neo due to her prejudice against all Monarchs, stemming from her status as Untouchable in Tamuria. When Seneca makes life difficult for Neo, she inadvertently puts them both in harm’s way.

Episode I: Fighting Tyranny

Neo and Seneca catch wind of a potential Tamurian invasion. The two race against time as the Tamurians embark on carrying out a false flag attack, blaming any nation that stands against them to justify a foreign invasion.

Episode II: Fighting Treason

A major false flag attack is carried out, this time from within Neo’s homeland. Neo and Seneca command a small force in an attempt to reign in the unlikeliest of perpetrators.

Episode III: Fighting the Great Plan: Part I

Seneca discovers her natural power to control Spirit, which arrives as a blessing and a curse. She, Neo, and her friends go out of their way to help her cope with her newfound ability as the land once again faces a threat.

Episode IV: Fighting the High Seas

Okay, so I had one more work in the Neo Skyehawk Series prior to rebranding the book as The Skyehawk Chronicles. So, another previously published article will appear under this paragraph, giving you an extended look at the fourth and final episode of the work. Again, it’s an old article so some of the information might be dated, but it will give you an inside scoop on the final episode’s synopsis.

Okay, Freedom Flames, as I love to call my reading audience, the latest installment in the Neo Skyehawk Series has been named and the first draft is well in progress.

As I stated last week in my update, Book IV, or Episode IV will have a name and cover, so today I’m fulfilling my promise. Book IV will be entitled Fighting the High Seas, and it is what I’m referring to as the peak book in the epic fantasy, which provides a historical background on its sister Lord of Columbia Series.

Fighting the High Seas Synopsis

While I’m still very early in my first draft, I do have a solid direction where this book is headed. Again, it’s a peak point, even a turning point, in the Neo Skyehawk Series where Neo and Seneca continue to fight an imperialistic invasion using terrorist mercenaries from a distant land.

After gaining possession of the Sword of Spirit, Seneca again breaks out in constant night sweats, experiencing visions depicting a horrifying scene of imperialistic Tamuria conducting mass genocide on an unknown civilian population.

The sole clue given is a constant panicked scream stating an entity called ‘Southpoint‘ will evolve from the Tamurians, greater and more terrible than anything the World of Gaia has ever seen.

Realizing the Sword of Spirit, in which the single clue is the word Senecarora, whom she believes is the label for a group of individuals in a new world who must possess the power to defeat such an evil entity sometime down the line, Seneca knows she must embark to such a world known to everyone as the Land Beyond the Western End of Gaia.

Equipped with such a clue and a prophecy stating ‘two siblings separated by war‘ will also be needed to save Gaia, she and Neo prepare to head off in pursuit of this new world.

However, their plans are foiled when the Tamurians mercenaries to invade neighboring countries and killing their monarchs.

Knowing they must defend their homeland of Ddraigoch against Tamurian forces and mercenaries, the two are forced to split when the Tamurians attack the nation of Lowerland, where Neo is meeting with their King, Joost I.

Upon receiving a warning from an unlikely ally, Seneca puts together a small force to save Neo and prepare to embark on the journey to the Land Beyond the Western End of Gaia.

More to Come

Present day! Uh, Present Day being January 2020, coming to you from a local Sheetz station. 

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