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An Inside Look at the World of Gaia

Prior to launching this website I actually held a blog that was called LordOfColumbiaSeriesDotCom. That site morphed into another niche where I started to post about real-life influences behind the series, especially for Raven’s Flock and the rest of Trilogy II.

Since uncovering the theme for this current site from the Authorcats Network (thank you, Nick Stephenson for such an awesome tool) I totally revamped the prior site and started LordOfColumbiaDotCom, which brings more of a focus into Lord of Columbia.

However, this led to A TON of articles written on the original Lord of Columbia Series site to be lost in the mix as I changed the niche. So, with that said, I’m going to be posting many articles that I had on the site over to this one at Lord of Columbia so you too can gain an inside look into the World of Gaia.

This will give you a solid background on the Lord of Columbia Series, character profiles, as well as a few stories behind some of the main characters and their true origins. It’s going to provide some awesome background information and I might even include some little-known stuff like deleted scenes and even chapters from my original works.

So, today I wanted to share the very first article I had written on the original Lord of Columbia site, which can be viewed below. Enjoy!

Originally posted in March 2019 at Lord of Columbia Series.

Today I’m giving you all a rundown of a quick character synopsis on all my main cast in the Lord of Columbia Series – namely Northern Knights, my debut novel. I’ll be releasing character profiles soon to give the reader a more in-depth look at all my main characters but today’s rundown will consist of each character, what inspired them, and their basic personality traits.

Keep in mind that to retain a sense of mystery surrounding a few characters, they won’t be mentioned in this rundown. Also, no spoilers will be given here as well other than the character’s personality and primary interests to the series.

That said, to find out everything, definitely download Northern Knights for free at the link here and you will discover even more regarding the fate of each character.

Let’s get started:

Cain Riscattare

Cain’s physical characteristics are based on my own with dark, ringlet hair, hazel eyes, and a short but athletic physique. Cain is described as standing at 5’7’ and weighing 175lbs.

Cain is arrogant and rather ignorant to anything not pertaining to sports early in Northern Knights. He thinks he’s a Higher Power’s gift to the world and isn’t afraid to jaw or even at times fight with others to prove this point.

He has a shoot first, ask questions later mentality. He’s short-tempered on both the playing field and in life and is willing to resort to taunting, sometimes in a deviant manner, on the field to get in his opponents’ minds.

Despite his personality shortcomings, Cain can be caring to those close to him and will stand up for those who don’t have a voice in society. He craves humane and equal treatment of all people while punishing those, sometimes physically, who oppose his love of all things free viewpoint.

Cain’s primary element is wind and he also has a knack for earth and water.

Some of my inspirations for Cain are Dom Toretto of the Fast and Furious franchise, James “Sawyer” Ford from Lost, and Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Adam Syndari

Adam Syndari is the primary antagonist in the Lord of Columbia Series. Adam is a sadist who is so in love with his power he’s willing to do just about anything to keep it, such as sending entire families to die in labor camps who oppose him.

He’s the appointed Supreme Leader of Columbia and has launched the colony into a state of dystopia. Syndari is a man of zero conscience who at times appears on the surface to be more evil than his boss, Southpoint King Rooney Pitt.

Syndari is described as being 47-years-old with yellow eyes, a muscular physique, wavy, shoulder-length hair, and a thin beard.

Wind is Syndari’s primary element but he has mastered control of all five elements, including Spirit, fire, water, and earth.

My biggest inspirations for Syndari were Darth Vader from Star Wars, Adolf Hitler, and Joseph Stalin.

Lira Ross

Lira is the main supporting character and Cain’s best friend. Despite her friendship with Cain, the two are polar opposites. Lira tends to be the first to point out Cain’s personality shortcomings, routinely calling him arrogant, irrational, and immune to reality.

Lira is both academically and athletically gifted, posting a grade point average above 4.0 while also winning numerous athletic awards.

Despite her usual mild nature, Lira at times will display a temper and has been known to resort to fighting on at least one occasion.

She’s the perfect blend of feminine and tomboy, who takes more than perfect care of herself and coming across as high maintenance however isn’t afraid to get dirty or even play dirty during sporting events.

A smoke-traveler, Lira is also gifted in controlling the Philosophic elements of blood, metal, and wood.

Lira has straight, jet-black hair, sky-blue eyes, and a lean frame. Her primary inspiration was Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter Series along with an amalgam of other girls, mainly those who played the athletic heroine in sports movies.

Randelo “Rand” Jefferson

Named after one of my favorite Senators, Rand Paul and one of my favorite historical figures in Thomas Jefferson, Rand Jefferson is the Albus Dumbledore/Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Series, where I drew inspiration for the character.

Rand is gifted in controlling the five elements with ease and he’s both the leader of the Freedom Flames coalition and the Summit University School Board.

In the series, Rand is in his early 60s but could pass for someone twenty years his junior. He’s described with having a thin frame that holds muscle well and tends to dress as if he just finished playing a pickup game of shotball.

He’s also the grandfather to one of Cain’s friends and shotball teammate, Korra Hamilton.

As mentioned earlier, Rand’s inspirations were Dumbledore and Kenobi, with a little bit of Avatar Roku from the Last Airbender Series as well.

Savannah Rivers

Savannah Rivers is based on a real-life individual I came across a few years back who was exceptionally gifted at sports. Savannah is no different, and despite her minority status as Native Columbian (think Native American), she never let it get in the way of fulfilling her dream to play college shotball.

She’s described as being a hair over five feet tall, one-hundred-ten pounds, with a lean physique and a tomboyish mentality. It’s implied often that she’d rather hang with the guys than with the girls and is always seen wearing athletic clothes around campus.

Due to her Native status, she’s often alone and even at times ridiculed, but she’s disciplined enough to unleash her frustrations on the field.

Other inspirations for Savannah include Lucy Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia, and Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, which also hints at her friendly and extremely mild personality.

Vince Lloyd

Vince is the arrogant professor and athletic director at Summit University. He’s a double-agent, acting as a spy for Columbia and has a strong dislike for Cain due to Cain’s on-field personas.

Lloyd is a shapeshifting character the reader may or may not trust, but one thing’s for certain, Lloyd will do whatever it takes to gain elite status in Columbia.

Not much is known about Lloyd’s backstory in Northern Knights and he simply loves making life tough for Cain and the others.

Lloyd’s known abilities are super-strength and mind-traveling, where he can invade thoughts and desires of others.

There was no real inspiration for Lloyd other than two men I used to work for at my old job, who held a similar dark personality. Lloyd’s the one character the reader won’t like.

Scotty Volt

Scotty Volt is that kid, that one kid everyone hates in both middle school and high school due to their favored status that they relish in and take advantage of.

Just like any well-off kid would, right?

You know, the kid who gets the starting quarterback position handed to them because mom and dad own businesses and give generous donations to the athletic boosters in exchange for a favor or else no green is exchanged.

Yes, that’s Scotty Volt, and he’s based on every kid who receives such special treatment.

I’m not saying he isn’t talented, however, as he’s cunning, charming, manipulative, the whole nine yards.

He’s Cain’s primary rival and has been since they attended rival schools before college.

Scotty is also ahead of Cain in element control, with solid ability in controlling the five elements.

Scotty’s family are known Loyalists to the Southpoint Empire and they’ve been given generous subsidies and tax breaks to help fuel their industries while taking advantage of and exploiting their workers through monopolization of industry with government support.

Robby Patterson

Robby’s family owns much of Cain’s hometown of Summersville, South Columbia and is Scotty Volt’s best friend.

The son of primary landlords in Summersville has its perks and Robby takes full advantage to the point he is willing to use his status to put his own haters behind bars and potentially off to work camps.

Robby relishes in his lavish lifestyle, hosting parties at his parents’ residence, and engaging in acts that would otherwise be considered breaking the law if he were of lower status.

Robby is based on a single individual who has engaged in similar actions and also whose parents are known landlords and have corrupted local governments and courts in my own hometown for their own capital gains, planting their bought politicians into office.

As a result, the area in which they own has underperformed for years as businesses and industry continue to evaporate under their watchful eye. As they continue to gain income, the population surrounding them becomes broke.

Other Minor Characters

Others who play a key role in Northern Knights include Blaze Gretels, Korra Hamilton, Micah Riscattare, Jedidiah “Jed” Riscattare, Asha Riscattare, Clyde Flanders, and Shayna Elyze, to name a few.

These characters will get their own profiles as well since several become major characters in my later works.

Until then, if you’d like more information on either Northern Knights or Swords of Destiny, you can click on the images of each work on the sidebar of this page for a full synopsis and pricing.

Thank you all for reading and please, come back soon.

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