The Question: Do You Start With Northern Knights or Raven’s Flock?

It’s almost like asking whether you want to begin with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe or The Magician’s Nephew. Northern Knights or Raven’s Flock?

While the former serves as Book I and the latter as Book IV, they both open up different trilogies even if they’re in the same series.

If you want something that might be more climactic, feel free, to begin with Episode IV, Raven’s Flock, kind of like one would start off the Star Wars Saga with ‘A New Hope’ rather than ‘The Phantom Menace.’

If you prefer reading in chronological order, start with Northern Knights, which you can actually get for free on Amazon, Nook, iBooks, or even directly through my site via Gumroad – you can also get all of my books for free if you decide to join my review team which you can do here, but only if you exchange the deal with an honest review.

So, the decision is yours as to whether you’d like to begin with Northern Knights or if you’re just now getting into Lord of Columbia by hearing of and waiting on Raven’s Flock, or if you come across the work upon its February 29th, 2020 release date, you can definitely start with it and work backward if you’d like.

You can also skip around if you’d like, such as starting with Raven’s Flock while discovering what happens in real-time with Swords of Destiny and Missing in Columbia before even venturing off to Northern Knights. While a chronological order exists, they can be read in any order the reader chooses.

One reason this is possible is that I wrote Raven’s Flock as if it were the first book in a series rather than the fourth – providing just enough background throughout the story for the reader to gain a clear understanding as to how things came about before the events of Raven’s Flock.

Ditto for Swords of Destiny and Missing in Columbia.

Also, there’s enough information in the work to serve as a refresher for those who may’ve read Swords of Destiny or Missing in Columbia upon their releases, but with Raven’s Flock hitting online bookshelves ten months following Missing in Columbia, it’s easy to forget things so those who have read the works can definitely treat the background information given in the work as a refresher if anything else.

With this said, I usually only promote Northern Knights but upon its release, I’ll likely promote Raven’s Flock with many promo services due to the fact it’s as good as a first in series.

But don’t worry, as running a promotion means good things for the reader – deep discounts!

Upon the release of the new work here’s what you will ultimately receive – especially if you become a subscriber, which you can access through this portal.

1. Raven’s Flock at 99 cents during the first week of its release.

2. Swords of Destiny and Missing in Columbia will also be sold at 99 cents during release week of Raven’s Flock as well, while Northern Knights obviously remains perma free.

3. If you’re part of my subscription list, the chance to win a really cool prize via a giveaway if you click a special link that leads to the review page of Raven’s Flock (and my previous three works). I ask for honest reviews, so if you loved it and want to give it 5*, then great; said it was okay and rank it between 2-4*, that’s okay, too, or if you think Todd’s a lunatic and his work sucks, then I guess it’s a 1*. But either way, join my subscription list and definitely take advantage of entering the giveaway if you click on the review page (no purchase of any work is necessary, just click the link).

4. For everyone on my subscription list during Raven’s Flock’s release, I’ll be throwing in a free e-book called ‘Taking Back Saturday’ which serves as the prequel to Northern Knights, beginning with Cain’s freshman year of college and ending literally thirty seconds before the events of Northern Knights. The book is a light-hearted sports/urban fantasy comedy that does not need to be read in accordance with the rest of the series as the work merely depicts events that are mentioned in Trilogy I in Lord of Columbia pose no relevance to the actual plot of the series.

So, I hope this article clears a few things up if you are new to Lord of Columbia. If you prefer Raven’s Flock before Northern Knights, then go for it. Or, if you’d rather read in order and take advantage of that special deal where you can purchase all four books (plus The Skyehawk Chronicles and Taking Back Saturday for free) for just $2.98, definitely mark February 29th, 2020 in red on your calendar.

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