The First Chapter of Raven’s Flock Featuring Raven Spade Goes Live…Soon

How soon is soon? Well, when my new charger for my Lenovo laptop is delivered as not just one but both of my Lenovo chargers decided to bite the dust at the same time, negating my planned email to my reading audience which contained the first chapter of the book that featured Raven Spade, Lord of Columbia’s latest main character.

Such a gaffe, I know, but once the new charger arrives I can finally deliver the initial chapter featuring Raven to my mailing list – so if you aren’t yet subscribed now is the time to do so. Again, this chapter was supposed to have been delivered on Monday the 23rd but since I’m using a backup laptop I could not deliver the email.

So, the work that will be unveiled on Leap Day 2020 is still shrouded in mystery for another thirteen days as I write this, but instead of it being a Christmas gift we’ll just call it a New Year’s gift, where in just one and a half short months later the work will be up and ready to go – and I’ll be one happy author.

But, you must become a subscriber in order to view the work, which if you’re interested you can do so right here.

Keep in mind that by subscribing to my mailing list you’ll also have access to some free bonus e-book material, including Taking Back Saturday which will be released simultaneously with Raven’s Flock, so if you like free stuff (and deep discounts for my paid works) you will receive plenty when you join my list.

And Taking Back Saturday (along with The Skyehawk Chronicles) is just the beginning – there are at least five works I have on my Lenovo that I’m planning on just giving away to my subscribers, but ONLY my subscribers while these works will sell on mainstream outlets for $5.99, much higher than I ask for my primary paid works.

So, for those who love fantasy, huge worlds, and action, you might like my work and if not, I share works from other authors with every single email I send within the fantasy genre, so every single reader has something to gain from joining my subscription list.

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