Taking Back Saturday: The “Free” Bonus When Downloaded With ‘Raven’s Flock’

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Awesome news for those who are signing up for my growing subscription list which you can do when you download The Skyehawk Chronicles: A new book will soon be on the horizon and available to you at ZERO charge.

The work, which I’ll be releasing simultaneously with Raven’s Flock, serves as the prequel to Northern Knights, Episode I in Lord of Columbia.

Taking Back Saturday depicts how Cain and his shotball team came together throughout their freshman, sophomore, and junior college seasons, and the book will provide more answers to the Original Trilogy.

Here’s a taste of what Taking Back Saturday will bring:

1. How Cain became the primary captain for the Santos Knights starting with his freshman season.

2. Cain and Lira’s very first meeting on their maiden flight to Summit University.

3. How Cain, Lira, and Micah met and became friends with Blaze Gretels.

4. An expanded character role for Bella Raze and Siros Malloy, both of whom make a brief appearance in Episode II, Swords of Destiny.

5. How Cain met and recruited Savannah Rivers.

6. Cain’s and Teemu Riscattare’s rocky relationship is discussed.

7. Antto Riscattare’s death (mentioned in Episode I and implied in Episode III, Missing in Columbia) is explained.

8. Asha Riscattare’s relationship with Robby Patterson is mentioned.

9. In addition to shotball scenes, both dueling and speed car will also take the stage.

10. A few scenes and incidents mentioned in the Original Trilogy are fleshed out in Taking Back Saturday.

11. The entire system on how students are smuggled to and from North Columbia is explained in Chapter One, as is mentioned in Chapter One of Northern Knights.

Keep in mind that Taking Back Saturday is going to be unlike other Lord of Columbia works. There is very little tension in Taking Back Saturday, as it’s more of a sporty plot than a serious one. I like to think of it as Friday Night Lights meets Ricky Bobby with a little bit of urban fantasy involved as well.

The tension between North Columbia and Southpoint is mentioned, but it takes a definite back seat to the role as this book just sets the stage for Northern Knights by explaining how the main characters came together. It can DEFINITELY be read before Northern Knights if that’s your thing.

One reason for lack of revolutionary tension is because the book, like Northern Knights, is told in Cain’s point of view and at the time, Cain is practically ignorant to the perpetual tension between Columbia and Southpoint.

Shotball dominates the storyline here, so you will see a lot of games, as well as a few dueling and speed car scenes. The book itself is shorter, roughly 55,000 words and it takes place from August of Cain Riscattare’s freshman year at Summit University and ends literally five minutes before the events of Northern Knights begins.

General Randelo Jefferson is given very little screen time as a result and Vince Lloyd is only shown during sports scenes and his role in Northern Knights is not mentioned. The reader will see plenty of Jedidiah (Jed) and Asha Riscattare during the summer break scenes since they’re still in high school at the time. And Cain’s gym and nutrition routine mentioned in Northern Knights is also documented.

This book is fully intended to be a fun, laid back, and lighthearted break from the overall theme shown in the actual Lord of Columbia Series itself. It does, however, provide a solid understanding and ties some minor loose ends I wasn’t able to get to in the Original Lord of Columbia Trilogy. Just think of the work as a fun, fast read full of nonstop sporty action. The only real tense scene is Antto’s death and the aftermath, which is limited to about ten Microsoft Word pages (20-25 on Kindle).

Also, you’ll see a lot of blatant pop culture references of both today and as early as the 1990s, so brace yourself for a lot of comedy as well. I would say of all the Lord of Columbia books to date, Taking Back Saturday is probably the one I never get tired of looking at during the editing process because of its lightheartedness and as I put the work through another round of editing, I continue to add such references.

But then again, I can read any sports book or watch any sports movie over and over again without growing tired, so it’s definitely up my alley. Mixing sports with a little urban fantasy has always been a project I’ve looked to explore as well. The work may or may not bode well with actual urban fantasy genre readers, but for those who are fans of plot building, Taking Back Saturday definitely has its place.

So, be on the lookout for its release in 2020 on the same day Raven’s Flock, which kicks off Trilogy II of Lord of Columbia, is launched. As with all Lord of Columbia Expanded Universe works, it’ll sell at $5.99, but for those subscribing to my email list or if you buy Raven’s Flock at a massive discount during launch week, you will get Taking Back Saturday for free as a free bonus.

And for those coming across this article or my email list who have never heard of Lord of Columbia, I have something even better planned out for you. MASSIVE DEALS IN THE MAKING!

I really hope everyone enjoys reading the work as much as I did writing it.

PS: The featured image is NOT the real cover; just a mockup giving me an idea of what I’m looking for. 


  1. Carolyn says:

    Reading the outline and little story.  It sounds like drama and suspense BUT you mention that there are scenes and comedies.  That’s not bad story. IF their relationships are friendship or romance or serious, we will find out more.   You also mentioned that there is fanasty sports. Then we should read more until we understand what you mean about the book.

    1. Admin says:

      Yeah, it’s more comedic than anything else. Even though it takes place at a university, it can be compared to a 1980s coming of age flick, with all the modern technology as well as the urban fantasy elements. This book really is just a fun prequel to Lord of Columbia depicting how the characters met and highlighting the sports involved. 

  2. Pentrental says:

    Taking Back Saturday looks like a more laid-back dive into the developmental stages of characters such as Cain, Lira, Micah and even Blaze Gretels. Reading your posts I have always wondered about the origin of shotball and I’m glad to see you’ve given it some special attention here. Any time you can make up your own sport it’s pretty amazing, and I’m looking forward to reading into it more with Taking Back Saturday. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

    1. Admin says:

      It’s very, very laid back, I can attest. Sporty, but this work doesn’t really touch on the actual origin of shotball. You’ll want to get The Skyehawk Chronicles to gain an idea there. But there’s really nothing spectacular about shotball; just American football combined with rugby with elements of a few other sports. 

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