Stay at Home Orders Yes, Plagues No

I’ve had a lot of readers of this blog ask me if I wished to allegorize the latest restrictions like stay at home orders from COVID-19 and the answer is an ever resounding Yes and No. Yes, I will be placing the following into my work, Lady of Columbia, Book V in the Lord of Columbia Series:

1) Stay at home orders will be involved.

2) Mandatory curfews.

3) Failure to comply resulting in misdemeanors and felonies at a minimal punishment.

Unlike COVID, there’s no plague because it doesn’t fit the primary allegory, which in Lord of Columbia is foreign policy while domestic policy spearheads The Renegades if anyone’s keeping track.

I don’t allegorize plagues and pandemics because I don’t know anything about them. It’s not my niche work and I don’t plan for them to be, though they are somewhat interesting to read about.

No, my allegory will always be foreign and domestic policy as it relates to war. So, when the war comes home, the stay at home orders begin and of course, the Columbian government starts to crack down even further on its peoples’ liberties.

So when do the orders go into effect?

I explain below with a few hints but no spoilers.

1 – Cain and His Stoicheions are Domestic Terrorists

Says the mass, multinational-corporate-controlled, and government-influenced Columbian media. Following the seizing of Nightford and subsequent secession from Columbia, Cain and his Stoicheions mobilize along the North Columbian border and reignite the old Freedom Flames.

Cain and his crew bring back their old Northern Knights moniker that they were known as during the previous wars while the Flock is made up of the new blood. Another character, Mei Rios, the adopted daughter of investigative journalist and truth seeker, Jacoby Rios, sort of floats between the Flock and the Knights.

Now, the Columbian media sees Cain as a mass-murdering sadist and while they’re not wrong in that conclusion, Cain just likes to get rid of corrupt corporate, government, and media officials, all of whom are propagandizing Columbia’s War Machine as the greatest and most necessary thing in Gaia.

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And he likes to torture those who tortured innocents. He’d be one to waterboard a corrupt politician with acid, for example.

So, the mass media is doing all they can to claim that Cain and his Stoicheions are receiving funding from the richest Middle Eastern and Far Eastern nations, mainly Aegukka, Sovia, Persia, Yasara, and their allies (think of them as the equivalents of North Korea, Russia, Iran, and Palestine).

Of course, this is a false claim and neither Cain nor anyone in his sphere of influence have been in contact with these nations, though they have recognized North Columbia and its orange and brown flag as its own, independent republic.

In what these nations now recognize as South Columbia once more, there is zero recognition of the new North Columbian state except for the warnings Kent, Columbia relays to the North, which is that their region is under the control of these terrorists and terrorist-funded nations.

2 – Enter Stay at Home Orders

When Cain runs into Mei Rios, she reveals she’s the adopted daughter of Jacoby. Mei is originally from Siam (think the Gaian equivalent of Thailand) and since Cain recently time-traveled 250-plus years into the future, Jacoby can tell Cain the steps Columbia took from being an accomplished Republic to a feared Imperial Superpower that has constructed the most destructive war machine in Gaian history.

Cain of course starts to direct missions into the south to not only free its people of the imperial rule but to divide and conquer the Columbian armies through guerrilla warfare, which of course is how the Nam armies (think the Resistance War Against America) defeated the Columbians over fifty years prior.

Well, when the North Columbian guerrillas start attacking South Columbian bases, regional capital cities, government offices, and weapons manufacturing plants, it provides the pretext the South Columbian government needed to continue to usurp civil liberties from its people, even though not a single civilian died in the fighting. Cain made sure of that.

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A federal mandate came about and of course, despite the fact, zero civilians had been killed, the South Columbian government included statistics that South Columbian civilians had indeed died, leading for many to willingly, with a smile and a bow, give up their freedoms to the government.

But it didn’t stop there. Many demanded that the South Columbians do everything they can to protect their people, even when the original Columbian Constitution stated the Columbian government couldn’t disrupt lives of their people under any circumstance, the House of Baltimore threw the document out the window a century beforehand and instituted such harsh restrictions on the Columbians.

Militarized police and weapons took to the streets, demanding the Columbians flash their government-issued hologram identifications. Dissenters and resisters were arrested, with many facing hefty fines and jail time for taking a stroll down the road, and some of the more passionate resisters were killed in the struggle.

For the Columbians, the policies intended to save lives instead turned a small group of non-Stoicheion South Columbians against their government, and you can only guess what occurred next.

Riots in the streets.

3 – Columbia’s Politically-Connected

Enter Columbia’s upper class which features those whose families are either high-ranking government officials, corporate tycoons, or both. When on the run, our heroes consistently stay in residences of vacationing families and for the first few stops, nothing’s noticed.

But the reader may think it’s a little weird, that some people are going on vacation.

To where might you ask?

Too much of a spoiler.

But what I am doing is allegorizing a double standard, one that you may’ve seen play out these last couple decades in real-life. There’s increased surveillance upon lower, working, and middle-class Columbians, but the upper and political classes are awarded free reign as if the law doesn’t apply to them.

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It’s like evading taxes by using any and every tax loophole you can find. Of course, the richest and well-connected Columbians are still traveling internationally, despite the wars going on in the Middle East equivalent of our own and a budding domestic conflict in Columbia.

Despite the fact all residents are forced to stay home while only government officials and workers who are necessary to keep the Columbian economy going are permitted on the streets.

When Martial Law punishes those who didn’t perpetrate this crime.

And of course, when our heroes notice once more the Columbian civilians are getting their freedoms vanquished faster than ever before, while the upper, political, and well-connected class continue to enjoy such freedoms at their taxpayers’ expense.

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