Since the Browns Won…

Deals, Deals, and More Deals...

Let’s look beyond the fight that plagued the ending of last week’s Cleveland-Pittsburgh Game on November 14th- the Cleveland Browns won. And since it’s the first time in five seasons since they’ve beaten their archival, the Pittsburgh Steelers, I have a nice little deal going on all over the e-book world despite the obvious overshadowing regarding defensive end Myles Garrett.

Ready for the offer?

Since the Cleveland Browns won (I love saying that on any given day after a win), and since Northern Knights allegorizes the Cleveland-Pittsburgh football rivalry, I thought I’d put a little deal together.

From Monday, November 25th to Sunday, December 1st, when the Steelers host the Cleveland Browns at Heinz Field, I’m dropping Missing in Columbia to 99 cents, as well as the Lord of Columbia Original Trilogy Box Set to $1.49 if binge reading is your thing.

So, we’re looking at a free copy of Northern Knights, 99 cents for Swords of Destiny, AND 99 cents for Missing in Columbia or the whole set for just $1.49.

You can find the deal over at Amazon, at Nook, and at iBooks.

That’s 66 cents per book or when buying the box set, just under 50 cents per book.

Pretty cool, right?

So, go ahead and get your copies today while the deal is still good.

Thanks for your continued support and Go Browns!

Todd ‘Takes the NFL Way too Seriously’ Matthews.

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