Raven’s Flock, Taking Back Saturday, Trilogy I, What’s Next?

Like pretty much anything these days I’m definitely expanding the Lord of Columbia universe far beyond its chronological storyline, so today I want to let you all in on what you’ll get to read over the next few years and even more so if you’re a subscriber.

As you all know, Raven’s Flock will be released on Leap Day 2020 with a free bonus novel slash story-in-cycle (it’sort of a hybrid) called Taking Back Saturday: Before They Were Northern Knights.

But the saga continues in various forms, including The Skyehawk Chronicles which readers can download for free by becoming a subscriber. Other works in the future include the story of David ap Santos, a sequel to The Skyehawk Chronicles, a prequel trilogy that takes place two decades before Northern Knights, and much more.

Every single one of my expanded universe works will be available in both e-book and print, with the e-books selling for $5.99 but you can download the expanded universe for free when you join my mailing list, which is yet another perk for my subscribers.

And finally, I’m kicking off another urban fantasy series with each work featuring a different main character while central characters of previous and future works appear as well. You’ll see many similar concepts to Lord of Columbia, with the primary difference being that this series takes place in the present-day real world rather than one of fiction.

The suspense and action remain at an all-time high if not more and many of the conflicts involved relate directly toward real-life, so for readers who wish for dosages of real world events will probably love this work – and they’re every bit as if not edgier than the plots and themes in Lord of Columbia so it’ll give you a hint on what the works are about.

So, if you’d like to get your hands on some freebies then definitely join my mailing list where you can download The Skyehawk Chronicles as well as to learn of deep discounts when my next works are released in Lord of Columbia, as well as the releases of my new urban fantasy works.

There’s literally A LOT going on here so stay tuned for some hot deals, new works, and a lot of perks for those who sign up for my mailing list. Also, if you do read my works, definitely take the time to leave an honest review on what you thought. I appreciate honesty and I use it mainly as feedback than anything else.

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