Northern Knights Hits Number One in the Perma Free Amazon Store!

So Now What?

Hi, guys, just a quick update regarding my perma free Northern Knights, which you can download on any platform of your choice. For September 28th, 2019, Northern Knights hit Number One in the new adult & college fantasy category on Amazon. It also came in at #22 Paranormal Fantasy, and #459 in the Free Bookstore!

After a year of trial and error (and thanks to Nick Stephenson’s First 10k Readers Course), Northern Knights garnered over 1,200 downloads across all bookstores in September, an awesome number indeed and something I hope grows as we barrel roll into October.

But, have you downloaded your copy?

If you haven’t yet, click the link below where you’ll be funneled to the bookstore of your choice, or if you wish, you can just download the work directly through this site.

When you download Northern Knights you’ll also have the option of subscribing to my email list for some awesome updates, access to more free works, and behind-the-scenes material. But I don’t want to just “take your email address.”

I want to give you a bonus item for free. So instead of having to purchase the Lord of Columbia Series’ prequel, The Skyehawk Chronicles, you’ll get the five-part story-in-cycle for free to discover the origins of the notorious Southpoint Empire.

Sound good?


So, the goal for October is a little more lucrative. I would love to capitalize on the milestone set on September 28th, and become number one in both New Adult & College Fantasy and Paranormal Fantasy categories while maintaining a Top 100 ranking in each category thereafter.

But I really want to break Northern Knights into the Top 100 Free Bestsellers on Amazon, and perhaps on other bookstores as well.

Now, is Northern Knights the book for you?

Neither Northern Knights nor the Lord of Columbia Series is for everyone, and that’s okay (I’m actually expanding my genre horizons a little, but more on the side projects in other posts).

Who would love this work?

Libertarians, naturally, would dig the message in Northern Knights, even if those donning Libertarian colors are antagonists but I’m a Browns fan, so…..yes….Browns fans would love the work to, just because (insert evil grin).

Urban fantasy fans and those who like a touch of paranormal AND romance, NOT paranormal romance will find the work entertaining. Fans of Harry Potter might like Northern Knights, given the inclusion of secretly attending a school, House rivalry, and fictional sports involved along with the main story plot.

With classical elements a huge part of the work, fans of The Last Airbender might find some entertainment.

For those who love to read works with modern warfare with a bit of a Sword and Sorcery twist would also be amazed at the work.

On the other hand, die-hard conservatives, liberals, and anyone with an overall collectivist ideology will probably hate Northern Knights and the rest of Lord of Columbia. Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers might not like the work either, but I know a few who do!

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