Northern Knights: Dissecting the Allegory of an NFL Rivalry

For those who’ve read or are reading Northern Knights and the rest of Trilogy I in Lord of Columbia, you might see a nice, little bit of familiarity between the rivalry featuring the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers. One coalition is colored in orange and brown while the second dons black and yellow. Certain names reflect real-life people, such as Southpoint’s King Rooney – and even Southpoint itself being named after the South Pointe business district in Pittsburgh’s South Hills, near Canonsburg.

You also can see similarities in personalities as it relates to NFL players. Cain Riscattare’s attitude mirrors that of Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield while his primary rival, Scotty Volt, is a bit of a James Harrison/Joey Porter hybrid, as are his cronies Robby Patterson, Patrick O’Day, Avi Magnu, and Danilo Luca – all of whom are based on certain Steeler players from the past.

The game shotball, which I’ve always described as a mix of American football, soccer, and rugby, is a primary feature in the work – the game can also be compared to lacrosse without lacrosse sticks. The game between Cleveland and Pittsburgh two weeks before the penning of this article featured many mirror images between that of shotball teams Santos Knights (orange and brown) and Leistung Monarchs (black and yellow).

Given how the game turned out on that fateful day in Cleveland, which saw the Browns top the Steelers 21-7 certainly drew parallels to the Santos-Leistung Rivalry in Northern Knights. Chapter Fourteen, entitled ‘The Game,’ features a second matchup between the two heated rivals and (spoiler alert) the game is an absolute bloodbath.

While I’m unsure whether I accurately predicted the December 1st 2019 game when I first drafted the chapter back in January 2016, I can definitely say it wouldn’t be surprising to see such an emotional game today, with teams trading jabs at one another all week-long while the media continues to play clips of the Garrett-Rudolph brawl that ended the first meeting between the two clubs.

Either way, the Browns-Steelers rivalry is one that fueled the writing of Northern Knights, a work that has seen over 2,000 downloads as of the writing of this post.

For my Browns fans reading this article, click this link below and you too can experience a work that was inspired by a brutal NFL rivalry.

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