Nine Plot-Altering Characters in Northern Knights

Today I’m bringing my characters to life in Northern Knights, giving the reader a brief description of who they are and their role in the book. Not all of these characters are on the main cast, but each brought at least a little significance to the work in some way.

There are no spoilers here; simply descriptions of who the character is, a little bit of background, their supernatural ability if they have any, and what they bring to the table. I’ve also added a stock photo of individuals sort of resembling my characters as well, giving you a clearer idea of what they might look like.

Cain Riscattare

Let’s start with our protagonist, Cain, the arrogant college athlete who only wants to embark on a professional career in the sport of shotball. Cain is a typical jock who only attends class to be academically eligible to compete in sports. His desire is to become a personal trainer after completing his professional shotball career and for this, his major is Exercise Science.

While Cain is a protagonist, he has the traits of an anti-hero, as his actions set the main part of the story in motion, however, he only initially bothers to do so out of his own self-interests. If, for instance, Cain were in any way exempt from an upcoming draft lottery, it’s highly unlikely he would’ve bothered to take action in the first place.

This doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a conscience. Cain is kind of comparable to an Italian Mafia Capo, who will go out of his way to defend those he cares about the most, but doesn’t mind doing what’s necessary to take out his opposition, even if it means handing them a death sentence.

Cain can be compared to Dom Toretto from the Fast and Furious Franchise in many aspects, as well as James Potter from the Harry Potter Series. Cain’s name also displays the character’s irony, with Cain being the first biblical character to commit a murder, however, his last name, Riscattare, is Italian for redeem. Cain plays center on his shotball team, the Santos Knights, and is one of the best in the league at his position.

Cain is proficient in controlling wind, but is also adequate in earth and water control. In Northern Knights, he’s in the process of learning how to control fire.

Lira Ross

Cain’s best friend whose father abandoned her family following the first uprising twenty years ago without explanation, leaving the family bouncing from homeless shelters and wearing rags for most of her childhood and teenage years. However, Lira displays academic excellence in state-run schools as well as an outstanding shotball ability.

She becomes Cain’s best friend before the events of the first book, and also plays attacker for Santos, and is routinely in the discussion for shotball MVP. She has a dual major and is almost always either in class, studying endlessly, reading, or playing sports.

Despite being Cain’s best friend, she’s often annoyed with his antics, especially when he taunts the other shotball teams during games such as spiking the ball on the opposing team’s logo or yelling obscenities across the field. She acts as Cain’s voice of reason when the latter is either in a rage or simply harassing a rival or even an innocent bystander.

Lira represents the classic rags-to-riches or at least rags to glory story. Her personal represents grit, toughness, and a never-say-die persona. Lira can control the elements of blood, metal, and wood, but particularly blood, which allows her to make enemies pass out when in battle, at the very least.

Micah Riscattare

Micah is Cain’s cousin and the two are virtually the same age, with Micah being seven months Cain’s senior. Micah is the so-called ‘straight man’ of the series, who does have a penchant to adopt Cain’s persona at times but is mainly chill. He’s notorious for his one-liners and only speaks when he has something to say.

Don’t think for a single second that Micah is shy and never underestimate his ability. Micah has a natural talent for just about any endeavor he faces and in Northern Knights, is much further ahead in element control than Cain, having mastered earth and genetically gifted in controlling the five Stoicheion elements with ease.

Micah is also a fantastic shotball player, having been one of the best in all of South Columbia during his high school days, where he and Cain played for Tesla High. Micah is an attacker who can make just about any catch, even ones that seem impossible to grab. He’s agile and is fantastic at making defenders miss, even when hit from a blindside, he can still shake defenders off and is always a threat to score.

Jed Riscattare

Cain’s younger cousin and twin brother of Asha Riscattare. Jed is much like Micah, except he speaks less than his older cousin and usually finds Cain’s antics to be unacceptable. However, by Northern Knights, Jed has learned to live with Cain’s recklessness and cockiness and virtually ignores him.

Jed is built slightly larger and taller than both the thinner Micah and the muscular Cain. Like Micah, Jed is fantastic with the earth element but unlike Micah and Cain, tends to focus mainly on earth control over the other four Stoicheion elements, allowing him to achieve Earth Mastery at a younger age, feeling it better than the jack of all trades approach of Cain and Micah.

Though Jed’s roles are somewhat limited, he is active in the Trilogy, which puts him high on the list. He plays defender on the Santos Knights and has the role of enforcer on the team as well, despite being only a freshman when the Series begins.

Savannah Rivers

Savannah grew up facing racial segregation, being half-white and half Native-Columbian, many of whom had been forcibly displaced when the Eureans started colonizing Columbian lands over a century and a half prior. Despite facing such prejudice, Savannah is a kind, yet strong-willed soul.

She’s said to be even more talented than Lira at shotball, and is also an attacker. However, her quickness and coordination have often implied that she can play anywhere on the field except defender due to her small frame. Her offensive skills are off the charts and for that, she was actually able to play for and graduate from a state-run Colonial school in South Columbia. Yet, she’s also aware that she had been used strictly for her ability, facing racial taunts and insults even at home games from her own school’s supporters.

Savannah’s father, a full-blooded Native Columbian, also faced the same torments growing up, but played a key role in the first uprising twenty years ago, putting him on good terms with General Randelo Jefferson, leader of North Columbia’s Freedom Flames.

Blaze Gretels

Cain’s, Lira’s, and Micah’s fourth friend, and a jack of all trades from a Stoicheion and miscellaneous standpoint. Blaze is one of few characters with the ability to conjure aura lights, which can light up even the darkest of caves and also serves as useful code when in battle.

Blaze is an amalgam of Cain and Micah, with Cain’s fierceness but at times can also be very laid back, more so than Micah and Jed. Blaze typically shares Micah’s personality off the shotball and battlefield but morphs more into a Cain-like character while on the field.

For Santos, he plays the second defender position but in contrast to Jed, Blaze’s quickness and tenacity make him a good player, whereas Jed’s size and strength make him valuable.

Asha Riscattare

Asha is the younger cousin of Cain and younger twin of Jed by six minutes. Despite Jed’s Stoicheion ability, Asha gained the recessive gene and is regarded as the first Philosophic of her lineage for over a century. Asha is a bit of a mystery, as one will see in Northern Knights and has a romantic history with one of the book’s primary antagonists, who also serves as one of Cain’s rivals.

Asha is usually seen early on with either Cain or Lira, either working out with Cain or poking at Lira for tips on how to improve her ability. Like Lira, Asha tends to be more proficient in the blood element than any other, allowing the pair to form a small alliance against Cain when he acts up.

Asha is mainly the symbol of a typical teenage girl who sometimes can’t tell the difference between what is right and what is easy, sometimes making the wrong decision. She’s at the stage in life where material possessions at times are more valuable than the people around her, which is often depicted in the actions she takes in Northern Knights.

Asha is yet another gifted athlete, playing another center position for Santos. Like Cain and Micah, she and Jed played together at Tesla High, leading the team during their senior season before the events of Northern Knights.

Korra Hamilton

Korra is the granddaughter of Randelo Jefferson and plays a tertiary role in Northern Knights. Like her grandfather, her hot element is fire, and like Jed, tends to focus more on just one element than learning all four (or five) simultaneously.

Korra shows up at times but disappears for stretches during the novel. However, she is always present at the major events during the book, such as shotball games and battle scenes. As the work progresses, she becomes more and more prevalent of a character.

Korra is the third center on the Knights and is in her sophomore season.

Adam Syndari

Syndari is the main antagonist of Northern Knights and the Supreme Leader of South Columbia, as appointed by King Rooney Pitt of Southland. Syndari has quite the history and might have the most interesting backstory of all the characters, once being in the good graces of Columbia before falling to corruption.

Obsessed with his status and power, Syndari will do anything to keep his position, even if it means using people close to him. Comparable to historical figures such as Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Kim il-Sung to name a few, Syndari has set up political prisons all over South Columbia, routinely sending even those suspected of dissenting their loyalty of Southpoint and the Southpoint Empire to early death in dangerous underground mines and mills.

Early in Northern Knights, we see the brutality of Syndari’s forces, who stand on every street corner armed with military weaponry while the disarmed population is forced to abide by his ruthless standards. Syndari’s police force has been known for harassing private citizens for fun and even attacking them for game, leading to his police departments to investigate themselves and find zero wrongdoing of their actions.

Syndari isn’t only comparable to brutal communist leaders during t he 20th century, but he can also be compared to several antagonists in fiction, such as Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter, the White Witch from Chronicles of Narnia, and of course, Big Brother from 1984.

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