Marvel Cinematics + Robin Hood + Lord of Columbia = The Renegades

That’s one hell of an equation, and for readers who are fans of Marvel Cinematics – the movies, obviously, are going to devour in my new Renegades Series, set to be released in late-2020 to early-2021 along with Lord of Columbia’s fifth episode. The reader will see elements of a modern-day Robin Hood, plus elements from my ongoing Lord of Columbia Series, which by the way, you can start reading today by downloading my free series starter, Northern Knights, which you can download for free at your favorite online retailer.

Alright, so what makes The Renegades akin to Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor, Steve Rodgers, and others?

Well, read on and discover the methods behind my own madness.

Characters Inspired

I want to start with Tarja Titan, our main character from Episode I.

Tarja acquires this strange necklace that contains a pentacle pendant and any time this relic senses she’s in danger, it unleashes a purplish substance that acts as a barrier between her and those putting her in danger or suspected of putting her in danger.

The only problem is, she can’t control it, much like Banner has a tough time early on controlling himself after he turns into the Hulk – and it’s not really until Endgame where he manages to exert full control over becoming Hulk and keeping his mind.

Then, there’s the fan favorite, Braden Hawk, the son of a rich car dealer. While Tarja’s relic and role is more of a Bruce Banner, with her brains – 4.3 GPA aspiring physics major – Hawk is, well, the Tony Stark of the series. Witty, somewhat arrogant, a self-described genius, identical mannerisms, and an entrepreneur, Hawk and Stark would get along fine if they crossed paths.

Braden, like Stark, is responsible for putting the series in motion. Whereas Tarja Titan is the prequel to Braden Hawk, it’s a tone-setter. The real action begins when Braden decides to take on a corrupt police force in Episode II.

Then, there’s Brock Gauge, who’s our version of Thor. However, Brock’s arc is sort of an inverse of Thor’s, and we meet him in Episode III, where he resembles the Thor from Endgame and I do emphasize this. Brock is a depressed, thirty-year-old grocery bagger (whose job is slowly being replaced by self-checkouts) who lives at home, and spends his free time sulking about his situation.

However, Brock’s arc grows in time (again, think Thor in reverse), and he’s definitely not the Gamma of this wolfpack, even if it seems so.

Robin Hood?

You normally see superheroes on the side with law enforcement, but The Renegades are a different breed – they hunt down corrupt law enforcement officials at the local level early in the series. In small towns located in the Upper Ohio Valley – many of these officers are sleeping with price-gouging businessmen and some are even related to these people.

It’s not the ideal situation in small-town America, especially where such businessmen have practically monopolized the area’s buildings and properties, offering high prices to tenants struggling to remain in business. And when these tenants do shut down, these business people open their own shop.

Tarja Titan sees the wrong in this after she falls victim to assault in the parking lot from a boy whose father is the police chief and whose uncle is among the richest and most influential people in the area.

Or for Braden Hawk, the world-renown police critic who’s framed for a crime the police force committed.

And finally, there’s Brock, whose rivalries with old school mates still run deep and blood continues to spill.

Tarja and Brock are voiceless, while Braden’s the king of unpopular and ridiculed opinions. Law enforcement may be after them, but at the same time, their mission remains clear – end the neverending corruption in the region.

How Many Books?

Oh, I have a dandy lined up for you, so if you like a large series, The Renegades will be it. As I said, Books I-III will be out late this year or early next year. You will also have Lord of Columbia’s next installment out at the same time as well.

But as for The Renegades, initial plans call for the following:

1. Tarja Titan

2. Braden Hawk

3. Brock Gauge

4. Liza Fury

5. The Renegades

6. Braden Hawk II

7. The Philosophics

8. Tarja Titan II

9. Braden Hawk III

10. The Renegades II

As you can see, we’re looking at ten books at the very least – and again, I have a list on hardcopy with even more books than is listed here – but I wanted to give you a small taste – an idea – of how long of a series The Renegades will be.

A long one, with books ranging between 60,000 and 69,000 words, so short reads.


  1. Stephen Peter Jones says:

    Hi There,

    I read an article about Tarja Titan and Braden Hawk yesterday and it mentioned that the more the episodes move on the more darker the theme becomes. Now I’ve just started watching movies etc again as I’m stuck at home due to the virus so I’m protecting my health but I was looking for something new to watch so will try Tarja Titan and Braden Hawk out.

    Thanks for your Review.


    1. Todd Matthews says:

      Hi, Steve, and yes, the deeper I get into this series the darker it becomes. I can’t wait to dive deeper into it and am currently editing Episode III, entitled Braden Hawk. Hoping to have each of these works out by December 2020. 

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