Lord of Columbia’s Relationship with The Renegades Hinted in Each Book

If you’ve been following this blog over the past few months you’ll have come across posts that have implied Lord of Columbia’s entwinement with The Renegades, despite the two urban fantasy series’ taking place in different worlds and if you read deep into them, two different time periods.

If there’s one huge spoiler I can relay to you in Lord of Columbia, it’s that the beginnings of the series entwinement into The Renegades are revealed as early as The Skyehawk Chronicles. Mere implications of something greater than any character in Lord of Columbia could’ve ever imagined.

The hints are subtle but this article will give you three of my favorite hints to look for as you navigate through Lord of Columbia en route to starting The Renegades Series, the latter of which will see its first three books released in early-2021.

Here’s where to look and what you need to pay close attention to that will lead you to discovering the relationship between Lord of Columbia and The Renegades, something I’ve implied in so many articles but I’m just now discovering how they relate with one another as I flesh out Book V in its first true round of editing.

1 – Seneca LaSalle’s Dialogue

We meet Seneca in my freebie 500-year prequel, The Skyehawk Chronicles. She’s the daughter of a low-class, Untouchable family and she lives the typical life of a medieval peasant. She works in her family’s cranberry fields as a means to make ends meet and pay endless taxes to the Tamurian brass, whose soldiers are off conquering yet another area in the continent of Eurea, or Eura, as both pronunciations are acceptable.

If you haven’t already guessed, Tamuria’s low, working, and middle classes pay for their expansive military-industrial complex. The more area conquered and controlled, the more money these people demand even after they run their people dry.

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Seneca’s character arc in The Skyehawk Chronicles shouldn’t go unnoticed and I leave a huge, but again a subtle detail regarding something very significant as it relates to The Renegades.

Pay close attention to a specific inscription outlined in Part IV of The Skyehawk Chronicles. It sets the stage for Part V, and for Lord of Columbia. This same inscription is mentioned again throughout the series and finally, in Book V, our main characters fully understand its significance.

And when something similar pops up in Tarja Titan, only then will you realize all along that works are related and that they take place in worlds quite like our own, even if they’re Ages apart. And yes, Ages with a capital A.

2 – The New Abilities Revealed in Lord of Columbia

And the rarest abilities of all. Abilities only those who bear a Sword of Destiny (Sword of Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, and Spirit) can acquire. But of course, learning such abilities require a sacrifice, but a worthy one.

What is the sacrifice?

A parting with something the main characters have fallen in love with. For their soul to reach this next level of understanding, a new state of understanding for the sake of Gaia something must leave them to make room for what’s to be learned.

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Think of this sacrifice as in the case of Odin, who gave up an eye to achieve an All-Wise status. Heck, if you wanted to flip it around to something darker you can liken it to Tom Riddle giving something up to create a Horcrux. Or, in the case of The Avengers when the heroes had to obtain the Soul Stone, a soul for a soul.

Such a sacrifice becomes apparent in The Skyehawk Chronicles, Lady of Columbia, and directly entwines with Tarja Titan, Braden Hawk, and Brock Gauge.

To acquire something, anything, worth having, obvious sacrifices must be and are made. Not necessarily to achieve a higher state of power as is the case with the Swords of Destiny, but a higher state of knowledge.

3 – “Now You are Like Me”

The above is a memorable phrase that stemmed from Lost.

I’m talking about the legendary hit TV show, Lost. The mythology in Lady of Columbia and the rest of the Lord of Columbia Series can be likened to the iconic television series. Elements of such creep up in The Skyehawk Chronicles and rear their heads again in Swords of Destiny.

Missing in Columbia and Raven’s Flock follow a similar pattern, and is it any wonder that an identical entity springs up in Tarja Titan?

I will leave one hint that readers will see implied in both Lady of Columbia and Tarja Titan: “Now you are like me.”

You will see ageless characters, different timelines, and maybe even different universes, Ages, etc. Lord of Columbia no longer takes place in one single, direct timeline, as readers figured out in Raven’s Flock.

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But how long’s an Age and can a main character even survive an Age?

You’ll soon find multiple timelines clash, just as in Lost.

If you’re a reader who loves to have their mind played with, as well as to continually guess your way into what happens next only to second-guess yourself, this is the plot element for you.

Just as in Lost. You don’t know what’s coming and the phrase, “Now you are like me,” is one that you’ll read in each book going forward.

Think of characters from Lost like Richard Alpert and Jacob and you’ll gain an idea as to where I’m headed. You can even add the Man in Black into the mix for even more fun.


These hints may serve to be spoilers, yet the casual reader can easily miss such hints. For example, Seneca’s dialogue and actions can be passed over as nothing special.

So can the characters explaining how giving up a possession they love will fuel the greater good for Ages to come. Only in Gaia, right? Well, maybe?

Now you are like me is a phrase used constantly toward the end of Lost and it provides the biggest hint yet on the route Lord of Columbia is headed and its subsequent entwinement to The Renegades. But if you’ve come across that phrase while watching Lost, you’ll have a fantastic idea as to how our characters’ significance will carry over to The Renegades, starting with Tarja Titan.


  1. Courtney says:

    Is this for a book series? I am supposing it is. And you, Mr. Matthews, are the author? Your stories (worlds) are intertwined in a fantastical way. Your sacrifice sequence is both exciting and interesting. Your timeline suggests a period of at least a millennia. You give just enough information to create interest in purchasing your books. Great job.

    1. Todd Matthews says:

      Yes, these plot elements in my two series’ are extremely complex and they will merge into one somewhere down the road. But I can’t say exactly when. However, I can say that you might want to multiply a few hundred to that millennia! I can give away that much. 

  2. Edwin Bernard says:

    You are a master in stitching a story together using a common theme. The Renegades is a good example. To me your stories are like a combination of romance, fantasy and history. A history created in your imagination.

    The suspense that you build in your posts elicits interest in any reader who is a fan of this genre. I feel your passion in writing this series. It must create a lot of enjoyment for you in the process. 

    Do you have a specific time of day when your imagination is at its peak? Keep doing what you love. I wish you much success in your creative business Todd.


    1. Todd Matthews says:

      Hi, Edwin, that’s exactly what they are. They’re based heavily on history. In fact, I’m watching ‘The Secret History of the United States’ on Netflix to generate ideas for one of my chapters in Book V as I write this. I’m trying to do like two episodes a day so I can get to my work as fast as possible. 

      Honestly, it peaks prior to my workouts, which I engage in twice a day so within an hour to an hour and a half of my workouts is when I like to work on my fiction works. As for my actual day job (freelance writing) and blogging I can work with them at any other time of the day. 

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