Lord of Columbia Will Consist of How Many Books?

At one time I said Lord of Columbia would consist of 13 books plus the 500-year prequel entitled ‘The Skyehawk Chronicles,’ so 14 total.

The Original Trilogy, a Sequel Trilogy, a Prequel Trilogy, a Golden Age Trilogy, and finally, a series finale.

Then came ‘Taking Back Saturday,’ which made Book 15.

Then came drafts for ‘Taj’s Tale,’ ‘David’s Story,’ an unnamed sequel to ‘The Skyehawk Chronicles,’ another unnamed work that takes place around the same time as ‘David’s Story,’ and of course, ‘the Stoicheions’ is also loosely based on Lord of Columbia.

So for the time being, not counting ‘the Stoicheions,’ we’re looking at 19 books in Lord of Columbia alone, but of course our main characters of Cain and Raven are not featured in ‘The Skyehawk Chronicles’ prequels, however they do feature historical characters that are mentioned in passing.

Of course, this doesn’t mean there won’t be more books and if I have to take what was intended to be a standalone finale and craft it into a trilogy as well, then I guess we’ll be looking at 22 books total.

Now granted, only the books in the actual Lord of Columbia chronology are the ones you really need to read in order to understand the story. For those who belong to my mailing list, books like ‘The Skyehawk Chronicles’ and ‘Taking Back Saturday’ will be given to them for free via email while non-subscribers can have access to the works for just $5.99 on all outlets.

And again, the free bonuses are no necessary reads.

For instance, ‘Taking Back Saturday’ is just a comedic prequel to ‘Northern Knights’ that depicts an actual story as to how all the main and minor characters met and became the Northern Knights, as seen in the book itself. The Skyehawk Chronicles brings characters mentioned in the Original Trilogy to life. While the work will give the reader a better understanding of background characters, but there is enough info in the books available so the reader can surpass the bonuses if they wish.

It’s just fun to make mentioned characters in the past and in the background become actual characters with their own arcs, the most prominent of which being Seneca LaSalle, who becomes the flagship character in ‘The Skyehawk Chronicles.’

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