Lord of Columbia Second Edition Coming Soon!

Title Changes? Good Things Ahead!

So, as Leonardo DaVinci once said, art is only abandoned; it is never finished.

In other words, DaVinci knew that art could only be improved, and it’s exactly what I’m doing with the Lord of Columbia Series: Improving the manuscripts of my first three works before releasing my fourth.

What exactly am I doing?

For one, the story is remaining the same, so if you already purchased the first editions of my works, don’t worry; they’re not changing. A little bit of dialogue and description is seeing a change, but the story itself is remaining intact. I’m adding a little more detail to the premise but cutting some unnecessary lines.

I don’t necessarily think of it as an edit, but more of a cleanup than anything else.

I also felt that the tagline ‘new adult urban fantasy’ sounded too romantic and while there is a little romance here and there in Lord of Columbia, there isn’t enough for me to brand it as such. Unfortunately, ‘new adult’ implies this to many, many readers, so instead I decided to change the taglines up a little. As you can see in the featured image, I did just this with Northern Knights.

Speaking of Northern Knights, the titles themselves may get a simpler rebrand as well.

Right now, my books are Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Missing in Columbia, but it’s definitely possible that I rename the books themselves, very similar to what other authors have done in the past.

This is why I love indie-publishing!

Prototype titles for each are as follows:

Northern Knights will become Uprising.

Swords of Destiny will become Revolution.

Missing in Columbia will become Endgame.

Simpler titles seem to be a growing trend and it’s definitely something that perceives to my tastes!

Also, I decided to take Lord of Columbia in a different direction from a marketing standpoint as well, feeling the work is theme-based rather than genre-based, though some urban fantasy and action and adventure fans may like the work, those who prefer more Libertarian-based and individual versus state-based themes will find the work far more appealing than simply those looking for genre-based work, something I look to do with my upcoming Prodigy (working title) Series featuring lots of urban fantasy with thriller and suspense elements.

There’s a lot of good going on here, and something else I’m looking to do as well is to rebrand my sister site, Lord of Columbia Series into one that is strictly based on Libertarian themes that influenced the work, something I hit hard on earlier in the year but tailed off on due to earlier commitments.

So, we’re going fully into the political arena here and by the way, if you like political-based fiction, you’ll love Lord of Columbia.

In my opinion, the brand should be more political rather than simply urban fantasy.

I simply felt this way due to seeing far more positive engagement from my anti-statist, pro-liberty following on social media plus readers as well, allowing me to target my audience perfectly, so why not go full-on political?

Enter YouTube and BitChute.

Yes, a YouTube channel that I’ve been talking about for AGES is coming to you as well, which will likely be featured on Lord of Columbia which itself will get a rebrand with my early name for the site being Liberty Rising and again, will feature liberty-based posts while the shotball section may get its own website.

Kind of a fun site that talks about athletics and by the way, check out this really cool and exciting game I invented.

Lots of action is coming up as we head into the final part of 2019, and 2020 is looking very, very fun and exciting, especially these days when I can treat my endeavors like a full-time gig.

I can’t wait to really launch this series soon enough with the release of Raven’s Flock, which will PROBABLY get a title change itself, with Resurrection and Return being the top dawgs.

I think the only spat some Libertarians will have with the work is the fact I placed the enemy in Voluntarist colors but hey, I’ll put my protagonists in Steeler colors when hell freezes over!

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