Lord of Columbia: Four Ways They’re Military Fantasy Books

When military appears on the streets, martial law is invoked, and public arrests and executions are common. At least it’s how life is portrayed in South Columbia. That said, we have another sub-genre on our hands. We’ve talked about urban fantasy, action and adventure, as well as sword and sorcery, but can Lord of Columbia be classified as military fantasy books? I wouldn’t just give the question a resounding ‘yes;’ I’d also state the series can even dive a little bit into sci-fi, especially with Raven’s Flock.

In Northern Knights – spoiler alert – I outline two coalitions: The Columbian Colonies of the Occupied South and the free North, and the global power of the world known as Southpoint, whose name stems from the empire commencing at the Southlandic Strait, off the Ddraigoch coast.

Okay, before I lose my audience, is there a world map that you can look at? Working on it – but I can explain it. Think of Gaia as a carbon copy of our world today. The differences are names of nations, plus the additions of a few additional continents. However, think of Ddraigoch as where Wales would be located, except it covers more ground than Wales does in the UK.

Think of the Southlandic Strait as the English Channel, and think of where France is located, in a region I dub Tamuria. Basically, the Tamurians intertwined with the Southlanders centuries prior to the beginning of Lord of Columbia itself and became Southpoint.

Now, don’t get me wrong – the English-French rivalry that our world saw in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries persisted in the books as well, as a few regions of Tamuria weren’t fond of this and became Lourdes – named of course, after Lourdes, France. So, that’s the Gaian version of France for you.

And this a nice, little overview on the Southpoint Empire’s origins, which if you click over and download The Skyehawk Chronicles, I can go even further in-depth – just a heads up!

So, back to the question – do I have something for my military sci-fi and fantasy readers despite this series being classified as urban fantasy?

Let’s answer the question.

Intense Military Occupation

There were a few influences behind the Southpoint Empire – Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, the former British Empire, and the American Empire. Their black and yellow color scheme, referred by some as black and gold, were inspired by the colors of the US Army.

Now, don’t think for a second I’m anti-American – far from it, or the protagonist coalition wouldn’t be called ‘Columbia,’ named after the female personification of the United States. Also, my paperback for Northern Knights wouldn’t cost $17.76 on Amazon, something I did for a reason.

What you see early is Southpoint’s treatment of the South Columbians – soldiers on every street corner demanding random citizens for their ‘name and papers,’ taxation without representation, random arrests, sentencing to the gulags, and even public executions are a normal part of daily life in South Columbia.

Then, of course, all hell breaks loose, and that’s the last spoiler I’ll give in this category. How does all hell break loose? Click here to find out.

The Freedom Flames

North Columbia, the tiny region that has managed to stave off Southpoint’s aggression for two decades remains vigilant. They have secure borders headed up by a group of armed volunteers known as the Freedom Flames and are backed by an armed populace.

Yes, North Columbia personifies Libertarianism in the work while Southpoint personifies Statism.

Also, the North Columbians acknowledge something that Southpoint refuses to in South Columbia and every other region their empire sits, and like the British of yesteryear and the Americans of today, the sun never sets on their empire, and it’s that the Stoicheion race exists.

The North Columbian flag demonstrates this, with its brown, block ‘C’ sitting in front of an orange background, along with two crisscrossing swords, one being the Sword of Stoicheion, and the other, a Sword of Destiny. You’ll discover what the Sword of Destiny is in the series.

Southpoint hides the fact such a race exists, either recruiting the Stoicheions into their forces or executing them – depending on their family’s status. Much like North Korean death camps, anyone possessing ability whose families are or were dubbed politically unreliable are sentenced to such camps the second word gets out regarding their ability.

Therefore, it is illegal in South Columbia to practice such ability, as doing so will get you caught. Now, of course, this law doesn’t apply to the interconnected, who will serve Southpoint regardless – since their families and all rich families are politically reliable.

A Military Dictatorship

While Southpoint is technically a Monarchy headed up by King Rooney, the King delegates his power to the head of his military in each region. The Supreme Leader of Southpoint in the Columbias is none other than General Adam Syndari, whose backstory is fleshed throughout Northern Knights.

Think of Syndari as an Adolf Hitler-Joseph Stalin hybrid from a personification standpoint. Syndari’s and the rest of Southpoint’s governments in controlled lands is basically fascism entwined with socialist ideology.

Heavy corporate welfare is involved in Syndari’s South Columbian industries, and what’s left over goes to those living in the slums – virtually all of those considered politically unreliable.

There are exceptions. Cain Riscattare’s aunt and uncle are well-off, as his family resides in what is known as the South Columbian Outlands – a region of South Columbia lacking large metropolitan outlets. For this, the population is far less dense and isn’t the epicenter of Southpoint control, explaining Cain’s ignorance early in Northern Knights.

For those living in dense areas, the story is far different, as in the case of Lira Ross, who resides in Ironton, South Columbia’s slums.

Military Control Plus Rations

And of course, who distributes what’s left of the wealth? The Southpoint Military. Again, this occurs in large, population-dense areas. The closer one is to the Outlands, the better off they are – however, they are the working and middle classes who, despite a decent paycheck and secure job, are forced to fork over large percentages in taxes to Southpoint, with increases often without warning.

And again, there’s zero need to argue. It’s pay or die. Pay, and you remain politically reliable. Refuse, and your reliability suffers – the point they’re going to haul the dissenter and their family off to one of the two-dozen work camps scattered throughout South Columbia.

But, these people can afford their own food, nice houses, provide for their families, and forget the blatant human rights abuses going on in the Inlands. For most living in the Outlands, it’s work and turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the powers that be, unless you want your life cut short.

About that – sometimes many considered politically unreliable still roam among the Outlands, with Syndari and his forces biding their time. Create a work accident and bam, another few of the unreliable are gone.

Or, let your kids dissent to North Columbia where they attend university at Summit and learn the truth about Southpoint’s reign of terror throughout Gaia.

But that, my friends, is for another article.

I’ll talk to you soon.

Todd Matthews.


  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for this in-depth look at the world you created. I am always fascinated to hear the background influences that give birth to the stories that authors write and that is what you have done here. I like books that span multiple genres because then you can’t necessarily just say they are cookie-cutter. Not fitting into one particular mold is a strength. I love how you priced the book too. Patriotism at its finest! I’m interested in reading this!

    1. Todd Matthews says:

      Thanks, Steve! And yes, while my work my allegorizes my criticism of today’s America, it’s by all means something I think our Founders would’ve wanted. As Ron Paul says, real patriotism is calling out the government when it is wrong. 

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