Loosely Based on Lord of Columbia, ‘The Stoicheions’ Will Catch Your Attention

What’s up, everyone?

I want to start off with a little joke a supervisor once told me at a day job – what did the hat say to the other?

“You stay there, I’ll go on top.”

Nice, right?

Yeah, cheesy, that’s what I thought – especially in those days when I had a nice, full day of work to look forward to.

Anyway, I wanted to touch base with my readership in letting them know that Lord of Columbia isn’t the ONLY work that I have in store for my growing fan base in the urban/epic fantasy genre – I guess Neo Skyehawk is technically epic fantasy even if it serves as the 500-year prequel to the urban fantasy Lord of Columbia Series.

Now, as an author I definitely have to have more than one single work cooked up so I’m introducing to you a work in progress called ‘The Stoicheions’ and yes, it is actually loosely based on Lord of Columbia, which anyone who completes my First Trilogy actually realizes a huge reveal behind my series.

Which of course, opens up doors to the real world, especially the here and now.

And today, you are getting an up close and personal background on The Stoicheions and when you can expect the first three, count ’em three, books of the series to be released.


Okay, let’s get cracking.

The Stoicheions is still in the urban fantasy genre and it even features things like element control, magical realism, and rebellion against governments – lots of rebellion at that – along many other underlying themes.

What makes ‘The Stoicheions’ so unique, though, is that each new work will feature a new main character while main characters from prior and future works serve as either supporting or minor characters. I always liked to think Marvel Cinemas inspired ‘The Stoicheions’ and yes, there will even be a few works like ‘The Avengers’ as well.

Now, as I said, the basic plot scheme involves the main characters experiencing run-ins with government, particularly law enforcement. However, one main character actually IS in law enforcement, and another is a juvenile delinquent, so we have an arsenal of main characters to follow.

Now, for a brief overview and synopsis of each of the first three works.

Book I: Tarja Titan

Tarja is a liberal sixteen-year old high school girl who serves as a teenage outcast growing up in Conservative America. Upon witnessing a break-in and subsequent murder, she and her best friend Floor Jetta look to solve the identities of the crooks – only to discover the local police force is heavily involved in the crimes.

Break-ins continue, especially in the houses belonging to Summersville, Ohio’s upper-middle class. When Tarja and Floor dig deeper, however, those in the back-the-blue town start to suspect they’re at the root of the break-ins. Now, they must fight to not only solve the true nature of the crimes, but to keep the corrupt Summersville Police off their tail.

Book II: Braden Hawk

Braden Hawk is a twenty-nine-year-old former personal trainer turned blogger and professional YouTuber dedicated to exposing government crimes in both the police and military-industrial complex. Living not far from Tarja Titan herself, Hawk befriends Kira Erickson, a college student whose boyfriend’s family has ties to local police in Thomas, West Virginia, about twenty minutes from Summersville.

Hawk’s anti-police and government rhetoric have turned many in Thomas against him and his allies are few, namely relegated to Kira and another friend named Gerome “Rome” Sokol, a former police officer who resigned when he and two other officers raided the wrong house whilst killing the residing family.

When Kira turns up missing, Hawk becomes the primary suspect in the case. But when a mass killing in Thomas eliminates four officers, Hawk’s story reaches national headlines and the action is just beginning.

Book III: Brock Gauge

Brock Gauge is a down-on-his-luck grocery store clerk who is resentful of everyone around him. Always dreaming he’d make an impact in life, Gauge is forced to accept the fact of his role working as a part-time cashier for his alpha-male cousin’s sporting goods store.

However, things change when an old rival named Dale Detmer shows up at the store seeking to do business with Brock’s cousin to invoke mandatory health measurements for the employees. A reluctant Brock pursues and draws the attention of Dale’s girlfriend, Skye, a Dutch immigrant who possesses dual citizenship.

As Skye reveals her ability to control the elements, as well as her disgust with Dale, she slowly brings herself onto Brock. When an enraged Dale discovers the truth and is killed by an oncoming train during a chase, Brock and Skye realize the severity of an escalating situation.

Coming Up

I have two more works in the making featuring two more characters – Liza Fury and Tony Gotham – the polar opposites I mentioned earlier before an overall work entitled ‘The Stoicheions’ comes to feature a few of the main and supporting characters who are fortunate enough to make it through Books I through V.

While each work does feature a different main character it’s important to keep in mind that main characters from other works as well as supporting characters play a role or are at least mentioned as well. Kind of like when Tony Stark shows up at the tail end of The Incredible Hulk, or Dr. Strange makes an appearance in Thor: Ragnarok – or heck, Bruce Banner himself for that matter.

So, I hope you enjoyed this little overview regarding some of the awesome works I’m currently progressing through as well as my continued work in Lord of Columbia, where an update of my flagship series can be viewed here.

I’m also looking to republish some of my older articles that I had on my former site entitled Lord of Columbia Series which has morphed more into real-life themes, news, and events that motivated me to write both it and ‘The Stoicheions.’

Thanks for your continued support and I look more than forward to bringing you more here on the blog.

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