The Long Description to Northern Knights

As I did with Raven’s Flock a few days back – Episode IV in the series that can also serve as a series starter since the work kicks off Trilogy II in Lord of Columbia, my debut novel and actual series starter, Northern Knights – Episode I in the series, has also gotten a nice, little description makeover as well.

This came after viewing works similar in theme to my own as well as somewhat similar in plot and of course, genre. Many of the books I decided to research were urban fantasy, military fantasy, or simply works that held some sort of mystery. Now that I’ve gained further insight and learned how to write book descriptions in a more effective manner, it’s time to share the NEW description to Northern Knights with the world.

This description IS different from what you’ll find on my website’s homepage – the reason being that this website’s overall theme calls for shorter descriptions on book pages. However, you will find many similarities between it and this one. I just go into greater detail here.


Northern Knights’ Long Description

If you mess with someone Cain Riscattare cares for, he’s terminating your life.

And he doesn’t give a damn who you are, even if you work for the Southpoint Empire.

Twenty years ago, Southpoint overran the Columbian Colonies, culminating in a nuclear strike that ended the war. Cain was a toddler and a survivor. Fast-forward two decades and this windbender slash college athlete takes a trip into the South Columbian Inlands, where imperial soldiers harass, arrest, and execute the politically unreliable.

Politically unreliable as in possessing the ability to control the classical elements yet refuse to sleep with Southpoint.

Did those soldiers think Cain was going to tolerate them rounding up college-aged kids for a military draft to fight a war in some distant land?

Hell no! Instead of trying to arrest him, they should’ve surrendered their arms. But then again, Cain would’ve smiled and engulfed them in a manmade tornado. Hey, when you enforce unjust laws on an innocent public, you deserve permanent job termination. At least that’s Cain’s thought process.

Want to add fuel to a growing fire?

Cain regularly dissents South Columbia to attend college in free, prosperous North Columbia, a land that has staved off the Southpoint advance for two decades. Since he ignited a revolution, Southpoint Supreme Leader Adam Syndari wants him dead and will burn down the entire colony to do so.

Yeah, this college athlete is focusing on more than sports this semester. Hell, he just put an entire region in danger.

Cain just wanted to return to school, play ball, and after two more semesters, move on with his life. But fate had other ideas.

Join readers who are talking about Episode I in Lord of Columbia and discover whether Cain and his friends survive the encounter. Scroll back to the top, download this action-packed urban fantasy, and brace yourself for a thrilling ride that will have you rooting for this Dom Toretto type of badass and laughing at how much he can annoy his best friend and love interest, Lira Ross – who routinely puts up with his recklessness.

Note: Northern Knights is intended only for readers 18 or older. It is laden with strong language and depicts scenes of a graphic nature. If you find such material offensive, DO NOT READ!

What I Love

The old description was my best yet until March 20th, 2020 – but it lacked a lot of detail.

For one, it lacked the edginess and somewhat profane nature of Northern Knights and the entire Lord of Columbia Series – but it still sold!

Yes, it sold more than my previous descriptions, but the point for myself and any indie author who follows this blog should know this: Make our books mimic exactly what the traditionally published crowd can do, and we have the resources.

So, for my potential readers – this longer, edgier description gives you a grander idea on the scope of the work. Again, I’m not saying the last one didn’t – it certainly did. But for those of you who love revolutionary aspects in books, or books that sort of resemble your favorite M-rated war genre video game, then definitely take a closer look at Northern Knights.

And again, the download for this book is free of charge.

Click here and scroll down to download the work from your favorite online retailer.

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