My Long Book Description for Raven’s Flock

I often write up several book descriptions for each work. If you take a look at my page dedicated to Raven’s Flock, where you can click forward to your favorite bookstore to purchase the work, the description is going to be different from what you see below.

This is for several reasons – for one, my website theme looks a little out of whack when my descriptions are too long on its book pages. It’s intentional, as the theme is meant for shorter descriptions. However, for each work I’ll now be creating longer, edgier descriptions which show what these works are really about and what you read below will also be the same description on Amazon – starting March 21st, or even later tonight on March 20th.

Below is the long description.

Go ahead and tell me what you think of it – I’m still very new to sales copy, so it’ll definitely need a few tweaks here and there, which I’ll get to in time.



Raven’s Flock: A Return to Columbia

She can control water, she’s seventeen, she’s locked in a psych ward, she’s Raven Spade.

….and she just became Columbia’s most wanted criminal.

So, the Columbians think they can suppress, imprison, institutionalize, and slaughter the Stoicheion race? Actually, the centrally-planned Columbian government thinks it has – while distracting the masses by creating a national security state claiming to spread humanitarianism and liberty throughout Gaia. As if destroying families living in poverty counts as freedom and humanitarianism…

And the Stoicheions – the true defenders of freedom and personal sovereignty – stood in their way, as they have throughout the pages of Gaia’s history. So, the Columbians systemically did away with them until their existence was reduced to folklore, fake news, and misinformation. Their history erased.

And yet, the fate of Gaia’s defenders now living in hiding rests on the shoulders of a teenager?

Raven might need a little bit of help taking on the world’s most powerful military empire not seen since the Southpoint Empire existed 250 years before her time.

There’s only one man capable of helping this poor girl who first held a Sword of Stoicheion about twenty minutes before she busted out of the ward.

And that man has zero recollection of his nation’s two and a half-century history. But he may know a thing or two about taking on and destroying governments whose power gets entirely out of hand.

Yeah, this dynamic duo has their work cut out for them. Scroll to the top and download your copy to see if Raven and her mentor can take on a domestic and international threat to Gaian peace. You’ll see everything you saw in the first Lord of Columbia Trilogy – an action-packed urban fantasy, edgy characters, and of course – another bloodbath.

Note: Raven’s Flock, like its predecessors, include intense fantasy violence, suggestive language, political incorrectness, and material that will be offensive to some readers. For mature audiences only.


What Did You Think?

Go ahead and let me know in the comments section your thoughts regarding my latest creation, released just last month on Leap Day 2020 – a couple weeks before we were all forced indoors and our lives put on pause – unless you happen to be a writer.

When you’re a writer, your life is never on pause because all you need is a laptop and a fantasy land to escape into – plus a lot of awesome books!

Let me know how I did in the comments and if Raven’s Flock is something you might be interested in, click here and download the work. I can promise the price will ALWAYS be between 99 cents on sales and no more expensive than $3.99 for the e-book.


  1. Tom says:


    I am always looking for new books to read, this is a different genre to what I usually go for, but it sound like it could be pretty entertaining and it may may open my eyes to something a bit different to what I am used to. Would this be a good introduction to this type of book, or are there more suitable ones to start with?

    1. Todd Matthews says:

      It’s a different genre, too. I consider it urban fantasy, but there are touches of military sci-fi in this one, since it’s set 250 years after its predecessor. If you want to just take a look at the series starter, you can always download Book I in the series, Northern Knights, which is a free download at all the major online retailers. 

  2. Benny says:

    Dude, finding a good potential book does not come by easily so i must commend your effort in creating such an awesome cover and description and bringing up an article to help others decide if it’s worth reading. I am surprised that i can not find this book in my collections. I am definitely getting this one

    1. Todd Matthews says:

      Thanks, Benny. I hope you like the work and it’s always great to hear from you. If you haven’t done so yet, feel free to check out the first trilogy. Here’s a free download to get you started. Just click on the link to your favorite bookstore and have at it. 

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