Guardians of the Galaxy Meets The Silver Chair

Yeah, this is pretty much the way I can describe my current work in progress – a paranormal thriller if you want me to place an actual genre name into the work. Technically, this work is part of my urban fantasy series entitled ‘The Renegades’ but it’s sort of kind of like the Guardians of the Galaxy version of The Renegades with plot lines identical to that of The Silver Chair from the Chronicles of Narnia Series.

Yeah I know, it’s kind of strange, considering the idea for this work in progress walked into my head as I read about twenty percent of a science fiction novel I ended up not liking. But hey, it inspired me to create a premise. A premise that I combined with another premise for my Renegades Series.

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But, like Guardians, there’s a big difference between The Renegades themselves and this work in progress that I’ll refer to as the Vindicators, with no capital ‘T’ accompanying the word ‘The.’ Yeah, I know, I’m weird. Vindicators might stay or it might go. It’ll probably stay but I’ll also probably put the word of after it. Vindicators of ???

I’ll figure it out later.

Anyway, let’s talk about the work.


Six best friends from high school discover why half of their parents have been murdered throughout the years and who is behind the murders. When the rest of their parents plus two of the six friends go missing, they undercover disturbing secrets the US government has long kept hidden from the public eye.

I got the idea while reading a science fiction novel that also identified as a thriller and trust me, it if were a thriller it would’ve been kickass. But I can’t stand science fiction. I hate everything about the genre even if there is a touch of sci-fi in my Lord of Columbia Series. A touch! A tiny touch basically because I didn’t have a choice when I wrote Raven’s Flock.

Anyway, identical concept here. This novel also consisted of a group of friends whose parents had been killed throughout the years. However, the reasoning behind their murders was completely different here and the fact that they leave Earth about twenty percent of the way book is another huge difference. After that I can’t tell you what happens because I didn’t read that far.

I started writing my own, unsure if it could be the Guardians of the Galaxy version of The Renegades or if this book would become an entirely different series. Bear in mind, I wanted a Guardians version within The Renegades since I’m obsessed with the two volumes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As someone who likes to write from the seat of his pants rather than outline, I wrote and finally today, the Vindicators fits the mold within The Renegades.

How Does the Vindicators Fit?

So, the events in this novel take place after Tarja Titan, Braden Hawk, Brock Gauge, Liza Fury, and The Renegades. It’s the sixth book in the series but since the idea was fresh in my mind, I thought, ‘Why Not?’ when it came to writing the first draft. Especially since I already have plenty of Tarja Titan, Braden Hawk, and Brock Gauge finished and in their own editing stages.

Also, given that Lord of Columbia V won’t be out until the end of the year, it gave me time to break a little from it and focus on the Vindicators. And as I’ve stated in previous articles, Lord of Columbia and The Renegades cross paths as it is, so the Vindicators fits right in like a puzzle.

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While you won’t find Braden Hawk, Tarja Titan, Brock Gauge, or any of the heroes from what I deem ‘Phase One’ of this series, you will find six exciting new characters to root for plus a few adult characters set in a familiar location as Braden Hawk, even if he isn’t mentioned in the work – though to give you a spoiler the main characters’ parents do know of Hawk and The Renegades.

But this work isn’t about The Renegades, so I’m not mentioning them.

Main Characters

For the first time in my life, I didn’t create the characters’ names. Instead, I used a naming generator and came out with the following:

Tony Stanley: The leader of the group and protagonist of the work. Tony is the straightforward character. He is interested in following his parents footsteps as an investigative journalist. Little does he know he’s about to experience something every investigative journalist only theorizes. Its absolute horror, if you want a hint.

Sienna Guerrero: Her father was killed prior to the events of the story with two bullet holes in the back of his head. Despite this, they ruled his death a suicide. Sienna as voiced her skepticism ever since. She’s the tomboy of the group, known for her poor table manners and athleticism. Despite this, she has a feminine side. She just doesn’t like to show it.

Jackson ‘Jax’ Liberty: His parents died in a mysterious car crash in the Colorado area years before the novel begins. He’s the skeptic of the group, always thinking there’s a scientific reason half of their parents have died. He refuses to believe in deep states and shadow governments that his parents researched prior to their deaths.

Yasmin ‘Yas’ Ali: Short, petite, and feminine, Yas is that girl every guy wants to be with but she holds high standards. Despite her stunning, Middle Eastern looks, she’s extremely shy and bookish, and only talks to her five best friends. She’s full-blooded Turkish. Her father was killed prior to the book’s events in a drone strike when she was in grade school.

Lee Mitchell: The hard nose of the group. If they were a gang, Lee’s the enforcer. He’s hardheaded and contains a one-track mind. When he makes a decision, he pursues it. Lee’s actions set the story in motion when he believes the presence of mysterious creatures in their town can provide a link as to why his father disappeared years ago.

India ‘Indie’ Sinclair: Indie’s parents were perhaps the most respected journalists in the Network, an underground agency comprising independent journalists who dedicated their lives to expose the horrors within the deep state controlling world governments. On a trip home from East Asia, the airline they traveled on mysteriously disappeared and they’d never been heard from since. Indie is the hybrid character whose personality is an amalgam of the other five. When there are disputes, Indie is often the problem solver.

How Many Volumes?

We’re looking at two volumes at least and don’t be surprised when they cross paths with The Renegades. Every time I write a Renegades-related post, always think about Marvel Cinematics. It’s sort of what I’m looking to build here, along with Lord of Columbia.

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There are a lot of books to go until the Vindicators are out but since I’ll probably release the first Renegades novels in bulk, look for the Vindicators to be available sooner rather than later.


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