Explaining My Absence: I’m Writing a Paranormal Action Thriller

Yeah, a paranormal action thriller on a whim, too. While I continue the editing process with Lady of Columbia, Episode V in the Lord of Columbia Series, I had to add to my already busy writing schedule which now involves me writing this work that literally walked into my head on Saturday, May 9th, 2020.

I don’t know why I included the full date, but it might be because it’s nearly eleven in the evening and I’ve already written about 5,000 words today. No, more than that. Heck, that number’s closer to 7,500 and that doesn’t include this lovely article explaining my three-day absence not just from this blog, but all of my blogs.

So, I want to give you all a little update on this work that again, motivated me on the fly in the weirdest way possible, but in a way where I hadn’t been so motivated to sit and write a book since I concocted Braden Hawk late last year, which will enter its mid-editing stages the second I complete my first full edit with Lady of Columbia.

Paranormal Action Thriller: The Skinny

Let’s call the work the Vindicators right now, no, The Vindicators. Just like with The Renegades, capitalizing the ‘T’ in this work is important and it’s a nod toward the scarlet and gray and yes, you can hate on me for saying that because we’re going to beat Michigan again this year.

Here’s an extremely raw description of the work.

Tony Stanley always knew he and his parents were wanted people and why, but he never knew who’s been hired to track and kill them. Tony’s parents are part of a network known as the Valley Six. Six families of investigative journalists whose goal is to expose deep state and shadow government corruption to the world.

Only over half of the Valley Six have been murdered in the most subtle and gruesome ways. His best friend Yas’ father was killed in a drone strike during a trip to Yemen. Another friend’s parents’ flight disappeared off the coast of Indonesia and was never found. A third friend’s parents died in a brutal car crash during a weeklong getaway to Colorado. Another’s father and a camera crew took a trip to the Middle East and never returned.

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And Tony’s own uncle, for whom he’s named after, met his own demise after leaking important documents on independent media channels.

Now that he and his five best friends, the future of the Valley Six have graduated from high school, there’s been increased activity in the town of Holidays Cove, West Virginia. Sightings of mysterious government vehicles and personnel have the entire town of Holidays Cove on high alert.

Strange and unexplained activity in the old steel mill and other abandoned structures tell Tony and his friends that whoever these people are had made themselves at home in Holidays Cove.

And when an old friend links the increased activity to what the Valley Six spent decades unearthing, their not-too-distant futures are turned upside down. These people don’t just want to kill their parents; they want to end the bloodlines to ensure their secrets are never revealed to the public.

Influences Behind the Work

After I finished The Healing Glass, I sought my next reads. The first read is a first in series by an excellent debut author named J.J. Coffelt, whose book I’ll be reviewing once I finish it. I wish I had more time to read because it’s interesting and action-packed, so I’ll pass the word once I’m finished.

The other book was more of a shorter work that gave me the inspiration to write this impromptu – very impromptu – work in progress. The premise was kickass and it can be comparable to my own. But I noticed a lot of flaws in the work and once a climactic battle scene took place at the twenty-percent mark and the group left Earth in an unexplained way, I lost interest and deleted it from my Kindle.

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However, I couldn’t get over how well the premise hooked me and I sped my way to the twenty-percent mark when the work crashed and burned. It sucks because I was gung-ho on reviewing it on both Amazon and on this site as well, but I don’t review work I don’t like because most of those works are excellent when the right readers read them, so I’ll let them review it.

Anyway, I’m being vague here for obvious reasons but all I’ll say is that premise involved similar elements to my own; it’s just a shame the book had to take a nosedive into something that made zero sense to me to the point to where I had no interest in reading it any further. But out of it came inspiration. It’s funny how you gain inspiration to write a novel sometimes.

Not Quite Urban Fantasy

Sure, there’re paranormal elements involved but I wouldn’t call them fantastical, so while it’s something I’d be willing to market to my own readers and even on this site since the theme is very identical to my Lord of Columbia and future Renegades works, if you’re an urban fantasy or simply a fantasy reader, it’s probably not the work for you unless you like reading in the paranormal sector.

But I’ll that for you to decide.

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Anyway, I will be providing updates on this work since I’m already more than ten percent through the first draft here and I can’t WAIT to see where this novel takes me. I’m looking to write this one quickly, shooting for 3,000 words per day which include both writing AND editing on the same day of my first draft instead of my usual write one day, edit the next strategy.

I’m just really excited about this series.

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