Coming Soon! Lord of Columbia, Second Edition!

And yes, you’ve read that right; prior to the release of Raven’s Flock in March-April 2020, Lord of Columbia’s Original Trilogy is receiving some updates.

So, if you already bought the works, should you buy the upgraded copies, too?

Not at all, unless you’re a fan of collecting different editions of the same work; and I know some people are.

So, what’s new with the series?

a) I’m making updates to the manuscript. Nothing crazy and the dialogue barely changes; I think I’ve added one line and it’s a minor change. However, I’ve noticed that I like to use comma splices so I created shorter sentences in the work. I also tend to use names more than personal pronouns, so I cut back on the former and added more of the latter. Again, I’m talking about very minor changes here.

b) Also, I’ve updated the covers. The imagery and titles are all the same so don’t worry, we still have Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Missing in Columbia. However, I uniformed each cover from a coloring standpoint, giving them more of a branded appearance. You can check out the difference below.



Notice how in Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Missing in Columbia, the colors of the titles, subtitles, author tag, and volume numbers are all the same, compared to differences up top. The only different element here is that I decided to keep Swords of Destiny in a glow rather than add shadow; symbolizing the book as the bridge between Northern Knights and Missing in Columbia.

Note, however, that Raven’s Flock will take on a drastically different appearance, though the covers I have in mind for future books in Lord of Columbia will take on the familiar orange/brown color scheme. In fact, Raven’s Flock’s scheme resembles that of The Skyehawk Chronicles.

c) I’ve included The Skyehawk Chronicles as part of the main series as of today, since its characters become more important in Raven’s Flock, literally from the book’s first scene. I’m also working on a sequel to The Skyehawk Chronicles as well which if you haven’t read it yet, ends in a cliffhanger.

I’m also updating the manuscript to this work as well but again, with extremely minor changes. You will know that I recently gave the book itself a huge makeover, as I originally published The Skyehawk Chronicles as a series of novelettes dubbed ‘The Neo Skyehawk Series.’

Today, The Skyehawk Chronicles takes all five novelettes and comprises them into a story-in-cycle. You can purchase the work for $5.99 on Amazon and other retailers or if you don’t mind being part of my readers’ group, you can download the book for free in exchange for becoming an email subscriber.

When are the changes taking place?

I’ve already updated the changes at most outlets and once I complete an update of each novel, I’ll upload the new covers to Amazon, culminating with Missing in Columbia shortly before I release Raven’s Flock.

And don’t forget, if you would like more of a background on the overall themes in Lord of Columbia, click this link through to the sister site, Lord of Columbia Series. Here, you will find articles and research that parallel the allegories seen in Lord of Columbia, such as police accountability, money and banking, as well as foreign intervention. Lord of Columbia may be a work of fiction, but its influences stem from the non-fiction realm, in the most important battle ever.

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