Raven’s Flock: Coming Leap Day 2020

On February 29th, Join the Stoicheions in a Return to Columbia...

Raven’s Flock will be released on a day that comes only once every four years: February 29th, 2020. On Leap Day, Book I in Trilogy II will be released to the world and today, I’m giving you all a tiny clue as to what to expect in the new work.

But before I clue you all in, let me give you a little bit of a behind-the-scenes background on the writing of the book.

A Few Facts

Upon its release, Raven’s Flock will be a work 25 months in the making.

When I started the first draft of Raven’s Flock, Northern Knights (August 2018) had yet to be released.

One of the reasons is due to the fact I had to find a way to connect the complex plot elements found in Raven’s Flock to the events that occurred in Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Missing in Columbia, Trilogy I in Lord of Columbia.

Raven’s Flock takes place 250 years after the events of Missing in Columbia, necessitating a new cast.

This is my first work ever consisting of two point-of-view characters.


So who wants a little bit of a teaser on what you’ll find in Raven’s Flock?

Read on to discover and oh, if you haven’t yet joined my mailing list now is a good time to do so as ALL email subscribers will receive the first chapter of Raven’s Flock for free in my December 23rd newsletter – meaning you’ll get a nice, little inside look at the work before deciding on whether you wish to purchase.

Here’s a small synopsis:

The Stoicheions, a race with the ability to control the classical elements, have been slaughtered and institutionalized throughout various purges in Columbia’s 250-year existence.

Raven Spade is one such victim. Locked in an asylum for possessing the ability to control water and communicate with spirits, she’s visited by a nurse who secretly possesses the same abilities. The nurse informs Raven who she really is and the few surviving Stoicheions are either living in secret among society or are hiding out in Columbian forests.

Upon the alignment of Gaia’s neighboring planets of Mars, Theia, and Venus, a foretold prophecy among the Stoicheion Race is about to unfold: The triumphant return of the United Friends of Columbia – Stoicheions in their own right – to restore Columbia and the rest of Gaia’s fate back to its true defenders and preservers.

The battle is beginning and this time there are zero domestic allies to lean on.

Unrelenting Excitement

I honestly can’t wait for this work to be released because it was by far the hardest work of the series. To make sure every last bit of plot held water from Trilogy I to Raven’s Flock I revised the work more than my previous three, but even elements like dialogue posed a challenge here.

Through each revision, I made it my goal for every piece of dialogue, thought, and destination to be believable. For this, and the magnitude of complexity the work covered, Raven’s Flock is the only work in my series that bears zero resemblance to its initial drafts. Literally everything changed several times except the actual story itself.

While I’m unsure what kind of surprises Book V and VI will bring me, I can attest that there’s no way they’ll be as challenging as Raven’s Flock. This book was far and away the most challenging work I’ve ever written.

Is Trilogy I Necessary?

So, are you just now getting to know my Lord of Columbia Series and are wondering if you can honestly begin to read the series with Raven’s Flock?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’

While I insist you do read my previous three works if you want a clearer explanation on how things came to be in Raven’s Flock, this book kicks off a new trilogy – for instance take Star Wars, where all movie viewers technically saw Episodes IV, V, and VI before Episodes I, II, and III were even made.

The same concept can be applied here so if you’re giddy for Raven’s Flock and may not be able to catch up on Trilogy I, no sweat. This is a new trilogy within itself so you can definitely start here and revert back to Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Missing in Columbia at your own leisure.

With this said, I am working hard on Book V which will serve as Episode II in Trilogy II and I’m hoping for a release in late-2020 or early-2021, but I have a lot on the plate at the moment, so I’m keeping a large range with this work.

A Bonus for Subscribers

I’m also looking to make a few wheels and deals regarding the work as well; one of which involves a free e-book included with Raven’s Flock to EVERYONE who buys the deeply discounted work within the first weekend of its release. Being that I’m launching Raven’s Flock on Leap Day 2020, you’ll have from Friday all the way to early Monday morning to receive the free e-book.

Now, if you decide to join my subscription list I’ll automatically send you the work for free – yes, my readers’ group gets all the goods and the perks, so make sure you subscribe.

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