The Browns-Steelers Rivalry is the Most Memorable Allegory

Move Over Cleveland-Pittsburgh, Welcome Santos-Leistung

Okay, so I’m not giving away any plot details to my readers reading this article, but after the Thursday Night Melee in Cleveland, as it’ll probably become known as in NFL Lore in which Steelers’ quarterback Mason Rudolph started a brawl causing Myles Garrett to retaliate in ways many of us have never seen in our lives (though it’s hard to blame Garrett for defending himself even if using his fists rather than a helmet would’ve been a better idea) I thought it’d be fun to share some memorable lines from Northern Knights which depicts the now-renewed Browns-Steelers Rivalry – and it shows how little sympathy I have for Pittsburgh, the Steelers, and the fan base as a whole, so buckle up, Browns fans, this Bud’s for you.


A second group darted toward the parking lot. “What do we want?” Many in this group carried metal poles with battered pigs’ heads perched atop them. “Down with General Syndari! Down with King Rooney! Kill the leaders of Southpoint!

When do we want it?

Now! Down with the black and yellow! Down with the Southpoint Empire!

‘Cain smirked and turned to the crowd as a fresh wave of pigs advanced upon them. “Let’s get to the harbor, sink their ships, and kill every smug prick wearing black and yellow.


Cain pumped a fist. “This place rocks.” All around, people talked, laughed, and congregated in the street. “Look how different the atmosphere is compared to Southpoint turf. This is what freedom looks like. People walking and driving down the street without a worry in Gaia. No stupid black and yellow Southpoint flag or pigs ordering people to get on with their business. Hell, there’s not a single shred of black and yellow anywhere not named Leistung Complex.”

“You mean black and gold?” Asha said.

“Oh, gold my ass. It so resembles yellow.”


Cain grinned at the cameras in his face and pumped his arm to the fans wearing orange and brown. “Oh, this is going to be on Sports Sunday tonight and NCSN tomorrow morning. All I can say is we’re going to put one-hundred-ten percent into winning the Santos Knights its first Summit Bowl in over a century. Our complex, the alumni, and even the alumni who competed in the CAA when Summit was eligible over twenty years ago deserve it.

“It’s a sixteen-game season, starting next week. Come December, we will be in the Summit Bowl. The journey starts this Saturday, against Leistung. The road to the Summit Bowl goes through Leistung Complex.”


Cain grabbed Falco’s forearm. “Looks like we got a tilt.”

“What flavor of ass-kicking do you drink, Volt?” Blaze said.

Psycho grabbed Blaze’s jersey and raised a fist while Blaze retaliated by wrenching his collar from Psycho’s grasp and returned a shove.

Benns stepped between the two. “Hey, hey, hey, watch it, both of you. Come on, everyone sidelines now.

On Cain’s left, a Leistung center swiped at Savannah, who’d stepped up to defend Amy during another verbal exchange.

“My father scalped rebel Savages during the war, Kid.”

Her remark prompted Cain to lead Micah, Jed, Asha, and Amy across lines.

Hey!” Volt charged for Cain.

Patterson, the center, O’Day, and Magnu followed Volt’s lead as volunteers rushed forward.

Cain grasped Volt and raised his fist, while Jed threw Patterson to the ground. Every player was now involved with pushing, shoving, and swearing as more volunteers rushed in and whistles blew.

Volt’s fist found Cain’s jersey collar and attempted to pull him forward.

Cain held Volt at arm’s length. “Take a swing at me, Dude, I’m daring you.”

Volt shook Cain and threw a haymaker, but he dodged the blow and threw Volt over a scrum to their right.

Volt bolted upright and shoved Cain, but Benns intervened with two volunteers.

Each side has fifteen seconds to get to their sideline or it’s double forfeit,” Benns said.


The Knights’ student section encroached the field as the Monarchs turned and headed for the locker room.

“So much for sportsmanship.” Lira eyed the backsides of the defeated Monarchs with disgust.

“Sore losers in typical black and yellow fashion,” Micah said, “let’s go celebrate in front of their student section. Oh, wait, their student section left.”

Cain held up a Santos Knights flag a student handed him. “Most fickle fan base in all of Summit University. Come on, guys.

“What’re you doing?” Lira said.

Cain led the Knights and their student section around the field and planted the flag on the Monarchs’ logo. “This one’s for Santos.” He saluted the flag and the others followed suit, followed by a round of applause.


Cain clapped and pointed the mic toward the student. “There we go. Who’s with us? Love freedom? Die to keep your freedom? Or live without living? And hate the black and yellow Southpoint flag!”

The Hall cheered as Lira handed Cain a black and yellow Southpoint flag. Blaze brandished his phone and Korra stepped forward. While Jed and Micah each took an end, Korra placed her fingertip on the cloth and set it on fire. After a minute, Cain and Micah extinguished the flame with water from their fingertips and spit on the flag while Blaze recorded.


I would write about the bloodbath that took place in Chapter Fourteen, ‘The Game,’ but I’d be writing the entire chapter, so if you love what you read above, feel free to download a copy via Amazon, Nook, iBooks, or you can just download a copy directly through this site right here by clicking this link or if you’re on Prolific Works or Story Origin, you can also download Northern Knights for free.

And speaking of free, let’s hope the NFL takes a long look at that video and will #FreeMylesGarrett. Again, I wouldn’t have used a helmet as a weapon, but then again, I do know I would’ve blacked out the second Mason Rudolph tried to snap my neck while on the ground.


Prior to publishing this article, I saw that Garrett received an indefinite suspension from the NFL for his actions. Either way, the similarities that occurred between Southpoint and Columbia, as well as Santos Complex and Leistung Complex in Northern Knights, speaks even more to this allegory.

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