Break, or No Break? Will I Continue After Releasing Raven’s Flock?

I always laugh at this question because so many of us tend to take a nice, little break after we publish a work. To be honest, I’m re-entering another niche in my life basically during the same time I look to release Raven’s Flock and will be putting a lot of energy into it.

But that doesn’t mean I’m taking a break from writing.

Well, maybe technically I will be, but that’s because I have a few works in progress that require some catching up and editing, including Book V in Lord of Columbia as well as a couple more freebie works I’m also putting time and energy into as well.

So, the show goes on even during this big moving process and we’re on track for a huge 2020.

What should you expect?

Once Raven’s Flock is released I’ll be continuing work on Book V, where the series opens up even further (as if Raven’s Flock hasn’t opened the work enough). I’ll also be working on my working title ‘Stoicheions’ series, which uses many elements seen in Lord of Columbia, except it’s set in today’s real world rather than a carbon copy, as I like to refer to the World of Gaia.

In an unrelated niche, a little autobiography, to an extent, will also be in the works in the creative non-fiction genre, which I’ll share with my readers in case they happen to be into that stuff, though I do write mainly for the fantasy fiction audience. Though I do caution you to get ready for a wild ride and I’m also dropping a HUGE hint here, which means you might want to pick up the work – many characters’ names used in Lord of Columbia will be used in this creative non-fiction work, which hints the reader on the fact that many Lord of Columbia characters (especially in Trilogy I) are based on real people I met between 2011 and 2017.

Just a little bit of cryptic writing I like to do.

So, what are we looking at total?

Book V, which I’m calling ‘The Gaian Order’ as a working title.

At least one more freebie for my email subscribers to be released simultaneously with The Gaian Order.

The creative non-fiction work entitled ‘Unchained.’ Basically my ‘Confessions’ book documenting my first eight years in the personal training business – and let me tell you something – while it’s not quite for my niche audience if you love off-the-wall, comedic, and dramatic work, you will definitely get a kick out of this.

So yes, I’ll be staying busy while I juggle two careers, well, three, if you count contributing to four different blogs as well, plus reading – a lot of reading – so there’s a lot going on here but again, for the guy who never sleeps, it’s just another day worth of hobbies as I relocate to the Land of Light – a little bit of a hint as to where in the US I’m headed next.

And by the way, Lord of Columbia really hints on this bias – both Trilogy I and Raven’s Flock for that matter.

That’s all for now.

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