Braden Hawk: The Next Renegade Cover Release!

So, this is a bit of an impromptu post but one that unveils the cover for Book II in The Renegades entitled ‘Braden Hawk: The Next Renegade.’ Funny story for this one as well.

I bought my cover for the Episode V in Lord of Columbia, whose rough draft and first round of edits I’m working on as I write this article about three weeks ago, and with it came a $5 coupon for the genre of my choice. Everyone who bought within a certain timeframe entered a drawing for a free cover of their choice and Yours Truly happened to win that drawing.

So, there were a few covers I really liked for Braden Hawk: The Next Renegade and one that jumped out more than anything else. I wasted zero time choosing the cover I had my eye on for over a month but since the release of the books is still a way off, I decided to shelve it until of course, I received the notification that I’d won the drawing.

About the Cover

So, I wanted this cover to be more uniformed to show the reader that Braden Hawk was in the same series as Tarja Titan. With that in mind, the by-line, title, and subtitle are located in the same area. The cover features darker colors along with a fantastical element and is written with a Cinzel Decorative theme font and in the same color as Tarja Titan.

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I intend for these covers to be far more uniformed than what’s seen in Lord of Columbia and while the books feature identical elements, they’re still to an extent, different. The Renegades follow a much more regimented pattern than Lord of Columbia and it’s one I expect myself to continue with Brock Gauge, Liza Fury, and Tony Gotham.

Unveiling the Cover

Braden Hawk: The Next Renegade

As you can see, Braden Hawk features more of a stereotypical cover one would find in urban fantasy. For one, he’s literally standing in an urban area and for another, there are a few hints at supernatural elements taking place behind him. He’s wearing a trench coat, something that for me hints at darkness.

But the most distinguishing feature is the guy’s look. Sure, Braden’s a professional thought criminal, but he’s not one of those stereotypical ones who lives in his parents’ basement wearing some tin foil hat. No, the workout warrior looks like a man on a mission and in many ways, he is that man.

Especially when it comes to exposing government corruption on a local level that indeed defines theme in this work and being from the Steubenville-Weirton area, I had a gold mine of information to work with here. It’s an urban fantasy book, but it’s based on and inspired by true events.

Three, Maybe Four Books

With Tarja Titan’s and Braden Hawk’s covers released, I’m looking to release at least one more cover in 2020 as unlike Lord of Columbia, I’m kicking off the series with three books rather than releasing just one. I’m either releasing simultaneously, as is in the original plan, or I’ll release the first three or even four books within a few weeks of each other, between six and eight weeks.

So, if I release Tarja Titan by say, Christmas Day 2020, and decide to release Braden Hawk at a later date, expect Hawk to make it in time for Valentine’s Day and Brock Gauge somewhere around Easter 2021. By my 30th birthday, I’ll have Liza Fury out. It’ll either be books released in succession of one another or one big release date.

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It really just depends on how long it takes me to write Lady of Columbia, which now that I’m deep into this draft and initial edits figure to be longer than Northern Knights, which is roughly 78,000 words. Lady of Columbia figures to be in the 90,000 to 110,000-word range since I need my characters in a variety of places to move the story.

That said, it pushes back The Renegades or could push back The Renegades, despite the sheer enjoyment I get when editing those works.

But I’m figuring to complete my first round of editing for Lady of Columbia by July 4th. No kidding on that, either.


Now that Braden Hawk’s cover is up and running, as is Tarja Titan’s, and Lady of Columbia’s, look for my next cover release to come in the form of Brock Gauge, which I figure will take place around August/September. I have a few covers picked out but I’m in zero rush to deliver on this one, as Brock’s character arc supersedes that of both Titan and Gauge.

This necessitates some consistent inconsistency on my part!


  1. Nimrodngy says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing cover release for Braden Hawk the Next Renegade.

    I really like this character and the way it is put on the cover. The aggressive and at the same time very sexy style makes me think that Braden Hawk the Next Renegade can offer an unforgettable experience. I can’t wait to see your next cover release in the form of Brock Gauge. Wish you all the best!

    1. Todd Matthews says:

      I sort of like the fact this particular model resembles Chris Evans to an extent as it’ll give my fans a familiar face to put to the character. And yes! Hawk is definitely a chick magnet to say the least, something that’ll be pointed out in Episode I, Tarja Titan!

  2. Vicki says:

    You are so super clever Todd and the cover is awesome and depicts, strength, intelligence and it’s a wee bit dark as well which will appeal to many people.

    Writing books is a great passion and look at what happened to JK Rowling and more giving readers and movie goes amazing reading and viewing

    Incredible work and I wish you loads of success

    1. Todd Matthews says:

      Oh, I had my eye on this cover for a long time, too, Vicki. I was going to hold off to see if there was anything else but hey, offer for a free cover? I’ll definitely take it!

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