Raven’s Flock

Raven Spade isn’t your average seventeen-year-old…

…she holds ability no one around her understands.

She’s thrown into a psych ward, led to believe she’s crazy to think she possesses supernatural ability. Yet when a mysterious visitor arrives and states she’s as sane as those outside the ward, she learns the truth: Thousands of souls like her exist.

However, these powerful people, known as the Stoicheions, have been persecuted, locked up, institutionalized, and even slaughtered for their abilities by the overreaching and all-powerful State, where the right to self-defense has been eliminated. The State now has control of everything in this Orwellian society, from peoples’ bank accounts to their very thoughts.

And anyone thinking or acting against the State’s will is, at minimum, institutionalized. Society has become a dark place, but the visitor provides hope when she says help is about to return from another World.

And that help will lead society out of the doldrums it finds itself in.