How I undertook the art of thought crime...

From Todd Matthews…

I’ve been interested in books for as long as I can remember, and those first memories date back to early 1994.

I’ve always been interested in challenging the establishment, but I wanted to do so without having to join some crazy mainstream media outlet, so naturally, writing came to me. So finally in 2010, I wanted to write something myself. Something that would someday garner a readership and spread the idea of THE most important element in human history: Liberty.

So, after five years of starts, stops, sputters, stalls, and discovering that Libertarianism isn’t a political party, but it’s a philosophy, I finally constructed three books: Northern Knights, Swords of Destiny, and Missing in Columbia, the First of what will be several Lord of Columbia Trilogies.

The Lord of Columbia Series is primarily an urban fantasy series that chronicles the World of Gaia, which has faced a battle between liberty and tyranny for thousands of years.

While writing Lord of Columbia, I also wrote a story-in-cycle epic fantasy prequel entitled ‘The Skyehawk Chronicles.’

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Heavy story action, I just caught a successful author in the making, splendid work with Northern Knights!


This book has contents that give me a real feel on adventure and struggles of a libertarian and voluntarist fighting the cause of justice for the common benefit of say, the weak.


If you love fantasy books then this series is for you.