8 Months Out from New Releases Mean Joint Promotions and Giveaways!

Yes, I’m working tirelessly on both Lord of Columbia V and The Renegades Series and I hope to have them all up and running by December 2020. But, there’s far more I look to get done prior to their releases in late-December 2020 or early-January 2021. For my readers, it means joint promotions with other authors PLUS giveaways where you can win some awesome prizes.

How do you find information to enter?

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Just click here, where you’ll find a cool, free book that I can automatically send to your email address and you’ll be subscribed to my mailing list. Every one to two weeks, I send out an email cross-promoting works with other authors, engaging in joint promotions, and soon, such promos will extend to giveaways.

For you, this means the chance to find some free series starters from other fantasy authors like myself and the opportunity to win some cool gear via giveaways.

Want more information?

Keep reading!


Over the month of April, I’ve cross-promoted my own work with some awesome authors, and again, when you join my mailing list you too will have immediate access to some of the best free and discounted novels on Amazon today.

Books like Maria Herring’s The Healing Glass is one I promoted back on April 13th while she promoted my perma free first in series, Northern Knights. You can click here to view Maria’s work to what I can personally attest is an epic, epic fantasy novel written by an ultra-talented writer.

Maria’s work is one of several cross-promos I’ve done with other authors since COVID-19 decided to shut the world down, giving readers staying at home some awesome indie-published works, and since I am an indie author, one of my requirements to cross-promote a book is that it must be indie-published.

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These books aren’t traditionally published nor are they even touched by small presses. They can be outsourced for editing, proofreading, sensitivity reading, etc., but the requirement is that the author must have not been in touch with a publishing company.

This is because I know I’m promoting the author’s own work. The characters, plot, scenes, and elements in the story are the work of the author’s, and not some editor in a publishing house dictating what goes into the book, as is done far too often in traditional publishing.

The above fact is what motivated me to seek indie-publishing over traditional, having read far too many horror stories regarding traditional publishing. I am, however, open to becoming a hybrid author, publishing select works traditionally (genres outside fantasy) rather than self-publishing fantasy-related works.

So, you are getting the author’s original work with each of my cross-promotions and they haven’t been dissected by an editor or editing team whose only goal is to mold a work the way they see fit.

Joint Promotions

I’m always joint promoting in at least two promotions with sometimes up to sixty other authors. These promotions are housed through StoryOrigin and are either deeply discounted and selling for as cheap as 99 cents, or they’re selling for free, with authors offering the book in exchange for an email address.

These are often series starters but can be anything. I’ve always said that if my works aren’t the best fit for you, maybe someone else’s is. It’s a perk of being and staying on my mailing list. If you have yet to find a good read, I’m sure I can find one for you.

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I’ll be doing these more in-depth in the future and I’ll be deviating more from the StoryOrigin app. Being in Facebook groups and making fantastic connections with other authors allows me to get in front of different mailing lists and it will allow me to get different works in front of you.

The cool thing about having me read and review works I’ve cross-promoted is that you’ll know you’re getting a good read from an awesome author. My ultimate goal is to reach out to authors I’ve cross-promoted with and create one huge joint promotion.

We win by getting in front of other mailing lists and you win because you’ll have about a dozen free works to choose from.

You can’t beat that and hey, you may love each of the works we offer.


Finally, the best reason to be on my mailing list during the buildup to my future releases is that you’ll be able to participate in some giveaways that I construct.

What comes with the giveaway?

It can be anything from a Kindle to a paper or hardcover copy of my books, to a set of books in a genre relevant to my own.

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Anything relevant to what I write that is also relevant to my audience will be up for grabs here. I’ll write more about potential giveaways as the dates get closer and I can assure you this, you won’t be disappointed that you entered in a quest to win a Kindle or something similar.

As mentioned, books will be a huge part of the giveaway and they won’t always be fantasy-based in nature, as I am a theme-based author. Don’t be surprised if I offer books like Stephen Kinzer’s ‘All the Shah’s Men’ and other related works like George Orwell’s 1984.

Basically, any book that influenced my own books are giveaway offers.

And all you need to do is sign up for the giveaway and you’re in. I’ll also provide you with ways to triple your chances of winning the giveaway as well, such as sharing on social media outlets, etc.


So, if you love indie-published books that hit hard on theme as much as they do genre, you’re in luck. In my next article, I’ll go over further themes found in Raven’s Flock, Northern Knights, and other works to determine if my list is right for you.

Remember, these are works of urban fantasy with strong themes regarding real-life issues. There’s a nice hybrid here from which to work so if you love work influenced by true events, my works are worth taking a look at.

Hope to talk to you all soon!

Todd Matthews!



  1. Al-Motaz says:

    Thank you very much!

    Are the books available as physical books or only digital?

    I like fantasy books, but I don’t like reading on a computer or a phone.

    Another question, if I sign up for your email list, will I get books from you for totally free? 

    Thank you again, I appreciate your effort and hard work to release these offers for us,

    Best Regards,


    1. Todd Matthews says:

      Hi, Al. Yes, they’re sold as physical copies at the Amazon store. Right now, I’m putting together a launch and review team for my previous works and for my upcoming works. It’s a limited time offer and I can only take in so many readers for it but if you do join, you will get digital copies for free as long as you review them. 

  2. Tyler says:

    Hey Todd, this is a great idea with the joint promotion. I signed up to your email list and I know a couple people I will forward this page to cause I know they will be interested as well. What a great way to promote your work. I look forward to the invitation to join the review team as well. Good luck with the upcoming books!

    1. Todd Matthews says:

      Thanks, Tyler! And yeah, I’m looking to put together a nice-sized review team and there are lots of slots open for it at the moment, so if you know readers who love urban fantasy, they might like this. The books’ content is somewhat controversial, so if they like such themes than it’s all the better! 

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