2010-2018: Bringing Lord of Columbia to Life

The Story of Columbia started back when I was a college student at Kent State University in 2010, but it didn’t come to life until Episode I, Northern Knights was published to Amazon on August 2nd, 2018.

Today, I’m sharing the story of how the Lord of Columbia Series came to life and how the series itself is just getting started with two books out and a lot more to come in the future.

Keep in mind this is an article republished from my former blog, Lord of Columbia Series, so some content might be dated.

The Beginnings

The Harry Potter Series, as mentioned in previous articles, served as a primary inspiration to write the work, but that wasn’t always the case. While the series always had an urban fantasy background, Avatar: The Last Airbender was the initial inspiration.

I envisioned a kid named Rocky Robinson living in a dystopian world and upon discovering the sheer corruption within the government of a land called Kent, joined an underground rebellion with his friend, Lyra Ross, a depressed yet talented daughter of a man named Thomas Ross, Chairman of Joints in the Kent Army but a double-agent leader in the underground rebellion.

While I wrote bits and pieces of such a novel throughout 2010 and 2011, it always fell apart.

However, the premise and resolution stuck, and they even made their way into Northern Knights.

Yet by the end of the first draft, I’d changed Rocky’s name to Brock, and Brock Robinson’s best friend became Lira Ross, whose name ended up sticking around longer than any other named character and was inserted into Northern Knights.

An Unrelated yet Important Topic

After the partial manuscript sat dormant for a few years, I uncovered it and still loved the way it began and ended, though the marathon of the middle needed work.

I loved the magical aspects and systems set in a modern age but briefly experimented with the same kind of plot in a Narnian-like world, which to me is more of a medieval setting. While this worked, I stalled again to work on an inspirational piece for my former fitness-related blog called MatthewsFit, a precursor to today’s Get Fit, Get Lit.

I called the work Comeback Kid and it featured a main character named Brock Robinson, the same character from my initial work. I changed the name to Brock Patrick and during this time, made a mental note to change Brock’s name in my fantasy work to Cain Robinson.

I decided to focus more attention on Comeback Kid as my blog audience loved the work. In Comeback Kid, there was a minor character named Savannah Rivers, girlfriend to Brock’s cousin, Lonnie, who attended the University of Akron.

Upon returning my attention back to my now scattered series in early 2015 with Comeback Kid’s completion, I decided to give another try at Lord of Columbia, only I was caught up in more real-life related activities and couldn’t find the time.

It wasn’t until July 4th, 2015, did I nail the plot.

Lord of Columbia is Born

Sons of Liberty was playing on the History Channel that day and I imagined taking my original plot and fusing it with a modern rendition of the Revolutionary War. I briefly experimented without fantasy before reinserting it.

It was here I drew inspiration from Harry Potter by allowing Cain (now named Cain Riscattare), Lira, and a network of friends attend an isolated university in secret while hiding from an overbearing Empire named Southpoint, after a region in Pittsburgh called Southpointe.

I borrowed a few elements from Harry Potter, such as fictional sports and a ‘House’ system but likened the system to apartment-like dorms you see on college campuses today.

It was this unoccupied colony of North Columbia that Cain and the others fled when an uprising was set in motion by the Columbians against Southpoint.

Cain the Culprit

My final change. Initially, Cain was going to take part in a rebellion but toward the end of 2015, I wanted him to ignite it when given an ultimatum.

The ultimatum came, and now Cain took charge, but first I wanted to give his persona a nice makeover.

Cain, when he was known as Rocky and Brock, had a few characteristics of his current self, but was more of a curious bystander joining and inadvertently leading a cause. He was a follower turned leader who would be reluctant to take such a position in the original premise.

I turned the new Cain into an arrogant athlete, but with his heart in the right place. Despite his overall arrogance and ignorance, Cain is one to (almost) always do the right thing, even if the right thing involves a shoot first, ask questions second mentality.

Two Books, One on the Way

Yes, from those turbulent beginnings back in 2010 two books have been created along with the Neo Skyehawk Series, which can be found by clicking here. – UPDATE, THE NEO SKYEHAWK SERIES IS NOW THE SKYEHAWK CHRONICLES.

As promised, a third book is on the way, which will turn Lord of Columbia into a trilogy – UPDATE – THIRD BOOK IS OUT AS MISSING IN COLUMBIA.

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