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Neo Skyehawk always had a distaste for his Monarch status. So when he’s unpleasantly surprised that he’ll be entering a forced engagement with the Crown Princess of the brutal Tamurian Empire, Neo’s hatred for his status runs at an all-time high.

While he ponders how to escape his hopeless situation, he has a chance encounter with a peasant Tamurian girl of Untouchable status named Seneca LaSalle. Despite friction between the two teenagers of polar statuses, the two find common ground: To escape their dreary lives once and for all.

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I like the contrasting backgrounds that Neo and Seneca come from and how they overcome this to eventually become friends and work together under extreme circumstances and threats of invasions.

Ryan, reader of The Skyehawk Chronicles

Welcome to Gaia

Where repressive empires have ruled over the course of time. Where conformist Monarchs see their subjects as fodder than people, systemically slaughtering dissenters. Where an ultimate battle thousands of years in the making is underway.

A Prince and Untouchable cross paths and open a force they’re unable to control. This same force will travel across oceans and into new lands, leading to the events seen in Lord of Columbia.

The fight between Liberty and Tyranny has begun.

The Complete First Trilogy

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